September 1, 2008

Tropical Depression Amusements

Dogs, like people, need good amusement during Tropical Depressions. When rawhide huesitos are hard to come by, a good reformed street dog makes do.
First, you rip the cap off. Then start on the label. Lay each destroyed part aside.
Keep going. The next step is to run it around the house and then bite it until it is flat. Then mommie throws it into the recycling bin and Mexico is a better place for Lora doggy dog.


Islaholic Trixie said...

If Lora doesn't get some rawhides pretty soon I may have to bring her the grande bag from Sam's Club! Don't want her to get a plastic piece caught in her throat or something!! She is too cute!

Beck said...

Zina, I LOVE your new blog with all the pics! Lora looks like she's pulled an all-nighter and is clinging to her bottle! I finally got back to blogging on blogspot. My address is
Great job!