September 7, 2008

And the best looking DA

I woke up yesterday with fumigation/AC throat. The health brigade had come by Friday while Jose was painting and we took them up on free fumigation. Then it got so hot, I fell asleep with the AC on, but already planned a quick run to WalMart for Saturday to look for a pool filter and dog chews.
Gladys came and cleaned up the fumigation liquid and I took off. Sat with Gregorio the mariachi on the ferry, on his way to a wedding gig. Loveliest man.
Well, WalMart was hopping!
They now have Sargento cheeses and I got a good stock of cake mixes. The food testers were out and Christmas inventory was being stocked by elves.
I looked for elusive shower mats but had to settle for a door mat. That's our lot here. The 12 peso shop had srubbie pads and waste baskets.
When I first entered WalMart, a greeter talked me into trying one of the motorized carts. Well, I coined a phrase that several other users Mexicans loved. "Con permiso? O sin permiso!" Yep, I'm moving through with or without your permission!
A picked up a couple shower curtains, more chard, tuna fruit - a cactus - and was ready to roll after dropping $150. But wait, there's a Paul Mitchell salon. I lurked outside a bit, saw a couple stylists in action, and told the receptionist I wanted one of the two that seemed to specialize in short hair.
I sat down and asked for what Is said is known to me as culo de pato, pero feminina. That's what we call them in the US, I said. Here too, she replied. Well, let me tell you. It is the best DA I have ever had. It's the cut that has worked best for me the past decade and this one is stellar. $11.
The weather was starting to get heavy coming back. But Manuel the cabbie was laughing. He too has been stocking up. Those with memories remember how bleak it was after Wilma and the weather train is just taking off.
Coming back, I sat with neighbors who were also dressed in huipils, but dressy. They were coming back from a Maya party, and I had one of the plain ones on. But new, crisp and white. They asked about Lora and I said I had lots of huesitos for her. The lady makes conchinita on Sundays and has donated to Lora's cause.
Lora was such a good dog in the morning. Despite a worsening ear infection, with intervention the night before, she ran to and from the juice joint while Gladys was here. With me in the golf cart. She only got in to escape a big bad dog briefly. So, my baby was patiently digesting more meds in her carrier when I got home. But first, a stop to visit Amelia, the day after her 58th birthday. Gave her a little coin purse from the US and a card from PEACE, and told her they were being sold to raise money for some of the grants going on.
I also promised her chard, mandarin and tuna juice for breakfast. She is such a precious friend. But Popsy didn't know what to do with a huesto.
THEN, I went home. I showed an excited Lora all her rawhide and put one in the living room and on on her bed. She couldn't get over it!
Talked to Ricard, the mason and AC guy. He's coming over this morning to give estimates, along with Mundo, the terrific generator service guy and general plumber. And Jose, who rendezvoused with his family yesterday in Cancun. Alas, we did not hook up at Domino's as he had hoped.
And just minutes before the rains came, I was in the house with all my stuff! All that's missing now is cooking gas. Yep. All tanks are on empty! But I have electric appliances all over the property should something untoward happen before the trucks show up. They were MIA the last three days.
So, off to the juicer so Amelia and I can get stronger! It's not raining, but the skies are very grey and the air is heavy. And Jose has touch ups to do in the apartment rented out for next month. I love it when a plan comes together!
And despite using 2 cabs totaling $5.50US and $5 for the ferry, I saved more than $60 if I had been able to find all the things I got on the same week if that were ever possible.


Sue said...

I got a darn good cut at that salon at Walmart too, and would have no hesitation going back, although I do get my hair cut here on the island most of the time.

Did you find a pool filter? We are looking for one as well, just a small one to use occasionally, not one to keep running. Our neighbor has a small setup that he pulls out when he needs it, and that seems a good fit for us, IF we can find such a setup.

I need to go to Walmart too, maybe today. We'll see as the day progresses what else I get myself into.

Islaholic Trixie said...

Glad you found Lora her chews!! Can't wait to meet her one day on Isla.
I think I'm even tired after reading about your day!!