September 8, 2008

Mexican Zeitgeist

Here, life is lived with a spirit that is as fleeting as the wind, but has its own karma. We North Americans expect things when we want them, partly because our culture obsesses with schedules.
So on Sunday, after my marathon Saturday, I was expecting the plumber, the mason and Jose all to show up at 9 am. One out of three ain't bad!
Richard, aka Ricardo Sosa, showed up promptly at 9am, and that gave us time to go over the rooftop scaping and masonry fencing projects. He and I will hook up in Cancun at Home Depot on Wednesday after I am done at the Hacienda, IRS, to get shade cloths for the rooftop finish he envisions. Jose was burned out from his family function, but showed up today, as did Mundo.
In record time, and for $200 pesos, Mundo cleaned and regulated all the faucets, hoses, showers, sinks, etc. and will come back Thursday to tune the generator and walk through the set up again with Jose and me.
Jose just about finished his painting projects and Zeta Gas came by and collected $400 pesos for about a year's worth of cooking gas. Two ponie kegs and a medium tank. It will be delivered tomorrow morning before I go to Cancun, finally, to the lawyer. I was having navigation problems last week that resolved with some prednisone, witness Saturday!
Before he left to get ready for Miguel's, Jose took Lora to get tortilla's at her favorite place, but she would not run. Heat is already built up.
Me, I'm going to take a shower and sort piles of papers in sextuplicate for the lawyer to have a breeze. And Jose wants to go too, so we can make a quick trip to WalMart for curtain rods for his apartment and get back before he starts work.
And right now, he is carrying to town the missing ingredient for tartar sauce, since kids want it with their fish burgers, but Miguel didn't have the relish. So far, a good day!
Outside, an amaryllis is about to bloom, right by Lora's number one bathroom. I guess it's the nitrogen! That bulb just got done blooming within the last six weeks!
See, it's the zietgeist.

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