September 10, 2008

Survival Mode

Oh, the rains won't kill me! I like them a lot, actually. It's the US style schedule I have for the rest of the week that worries me.
After a great outing to Cancun yesterday - including lawyer and WalMart in inclement weather, I am faced with cleaning, reorganizing, laying a new rug, meeting with the accountant today, and then starting tomorrow - tuning and painting the generator by Mundo, lawyer again, Home Depot with Ricardo and then on Friday, Mexican IRS with Costco as the cherry on top. Actually, 24 meters of fiber optic lights for Christmas!
It's traveling on the ferry in rains with documents that gets to you. And also, there's the issue of laundry, personal stuff, drying during the rains!
Well, yesterday's trip was remarkable! Mauricio Mendoza took about 20 minutes time to create a strategy that I had over-prepared for. Since he was late getting here, Jose had to go in with me rather than check out the nearby Home Depot. Then, it was on to POWER SHOP!
I took a motorized cart, and since I had just been in there in the last few days, I led the way. He had a cart and the two of use were quite a site. Having him keep up with me reminded me of walking Lora with the golf cart. Andale!
First stop, the 12 peso store. Everything at least 66 percent cheaper than elsewhere in the store. He got hangers and a couple drinking glass. I got a two collander set and roasting bags.
Then, the main event. Look for curtains and floor mats for Jose. Well, he didn't have measurements, but saw anything from adaptable synthetic shower curtains to blinds to regular curtains. He'll be back.
He was also shopping, allegedly, for his little sister who turns 15 on the 15th. No big party. The family is chipping in to buy her a scooter for school and job commuting. So I'm point to the tire guages, Armor All, helmets. He comes up with a $6 box of chocolate. Cute.
I stock up on a 24 pack of TP for the apartments, some paper towels, dog chews and cheese, again, cheese. More ricotta.
We munch our way through food testers and Jose concludes he is starving. First, grab that pomegranate juice for Miguel, here - taste a green bean, no there's no bean inside, and cash out. On to the McDonald's, where he wants the double Big Mac. Who knew!
He tells me that with the relish I sent back the day before, every staff person at Miguel's Moon LIte had beef burgers with tarter sauce and talked about how it could be improved. Cheese Whiz and jalapeno relish and you have "special sauce!" Yes, or a simple tartar sauce great for seafood. Maybe add capers and chilis. A keeper! Yippee!
I had gotten a new area rug for the living room. Last year's stock...for $20 and agreed to give Jose my other one, nice, but with a Lora upchuck stain I promised to have out by this morning. He is more than thrilled. This years rugs are going for double the price.
We high tail it back. The phrase of the day is "Like clockwork."
I handled the isla Mujeres parking lot and he the baggage handlers. I drop him off at home and go to Miguel's for a celebratory pomogranite beverage.
Jose shows up and asks if he can go around the corner. He is carrying the box of chocolate.
So, it's not for his sister? Jaja. He has a girl he has been courting. Little devil. I hope he wins her over.
But he LIED TO ME! Oh well.
A quickd stop at La Justicia, where I talk with Jorge's dad while waiting on a $6 fish dinner I intend to split as guilt food with Lora, since she still has the ear fungus and was in the carrier all day without AC.
When I got home, it was raining again and I had stuff and the area rug. Federico ran over and quickly loaded me into the house. And then I collapsed into a siesta that took me through the night! And Lora, she just can't get over having an inventory of so many rawhide chews! She is a good doggie dog!
And now, to mix up some gentian violet and vinegar water to wash her ears out. Yep, this is paradise all right.
PS....the 12 Peso store also netted me a pair of "Palin readers." I therefore am ready for Halloween.


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