September 20, 2008

All the toys in the same room now!

Among Gladys's strong points are getting Lora's toys rounded up. She just loves dogs. And her floors are spotless. But with Lora, they are a challenge because Lora thinks a Mexican mop - a towel with a squeegie - is a toy.
So as soon as he mopping begins, so does the game. Catch the mop.
Gladys speaks in Maya to Lora, so I can't related this special dance to you. But it seems like fun for both of them.
Jose finished rooftop painting yesterday and I cleaned the pool! Ha! And I finally got him into it. Bad influence for Miguel, I am teaching Jose phrases like, "I'm on break."
Ricardo and a masonry helper come today. I went to Centro last night to hit the ATM and Jose found great romaine lettuce for me while on a run to the super for Miguel. Stopped at Ballpark Tacos on the way home and then got some eggs for this morning.
It's cochinita pibil day, so the workers will get fed pulled pork. And Lora and I will have chilaquiles.

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