September 14, 2008

Made in the shade is only an expression

Ricardo Sosa worked in the midday sun to cut the shade cloth to hang on the side wall of the upper deck. Yeah, that's the ticket. The rooftop patio is the upper deck from now to the end of baseball season! At the very least.
Ricardo, a sweet man who started in life as a waiter, is the brother of Jose "Cheaper than Walmart," and Leidy, a city accountant who has audited after every administration. She is also a cancer survivor and great fun.
Ricardo got the perpetual Christmas lights up on Saturday and was amazed the old ones were on 24/7 since hurricane Wilma. On Sunday, the hem on the side shade cloth was not finished at the shoemaker's, so I enjoyed the pool alone as Lora watched with her dog chew, but opted to chase a 2 litre coke bottle around the the upper deck.
Mary Ann stopped Sunday afternoon on her way to buy Omar ice cream and commented how dark I had gotten. And speaking of..I roasted that chicken but not quite terriyaki style. Still, it was wonderful to stay home in the heat and top off a great day with a siesta.
I've been having vivid dreams since I started taking green, black and white tea capsules. I wonder if it's related.


Anonymous said...

Zina have you tried Blue green Algae - i also have an autoimmune disease and truly find it helps

Islaholic Trixie said...

Looks the the "rooftop" will be an awesome hangout for you and the queen!!