September 18, 2008

West for the weary

Ok, so I'm making fun of Jose. I a country that rolls its RRs, I can't figure out why Jose has trouble with American English words starting in r. Rest. As in for the weary.
Yesterday afternoon, coming home from a 7 hour trip to Cancun, he said, "You
look weary. For the next week, you rest." Ahhh...he does get it! Still, it's 'you west.'
I all started on a side street around Cancun's Palacio Municipal, where I was to get a card for my CURP. The unique ID key which is like a social security number. On the 26th, I have to go back to the IRS present this card that will presumably match the number the IRS generated. And be handed my new taxpayer ID.
So I'm on the phone with Mauricio and he's running late. And in the end, the Registro Civil decides I am not worthy because I didn't got to inmigracion with my FM3 to get an exit card for an exit I have no plans for.
Anyway, we walk to a main drag and call Mauricio again. No answer. Leave IM.
Off we go, hungry at 11am. Nearest sit down chain, and I do want something uniquely American, is Applebee's. where Jose decides he wants something uniquely American. Fettucine with Shrimp in Lemon Pepper Sauce. Me, I opt for Southwestern ribs and a side salad. It came also with a side of pasta I didn't know about.
At any rate, Mauricio calls, determines where we are and before we can even consider dessert, come by for my passport/FM3 and a list of problems.
Off we go to the Soriana's near his house with big plans for H0me Depot. Not.
I announce to Jose, that it may seem stupid to him, but I am buying the last swimming pool they have like the one I bought in the US. To salvage for parts over time.
If you live here and have lived in the US, you know they won't ship that pool here next year. Pumps and their parts will be unatainable! Just so he doesn't think I'm nuts. Then, we spot the Hamburger Helper. I'm not nuts, I say, I start reading the ingredients, in Spanish, out loud. "You'd be nuts to eat that," he says. I agree.
But it's only 11 pesos. He gives me that NUTSO look. We move on.
I bought candy corn. HA!
We got a 5 dollar gallon of white paint, A a shower caddie to replace on being claimed by rust,
muffin mixes, dog food, and yes, a BIG rawhide chew. And a chew of threads.
They have a six peso store, so I had to see what I could get. Scrubbies and cute key chains with metal emergency candy boxes attached. I think adults will use them for pesos!
So right now as I write, Jose has been working for 2 hours and needs more paint rollers and Gladys is confounded by anti sarro remover, stuff to clean calcium off the shower floors and walls. But we have muriatic acid...
I don't want to get into that it causes a need to regrout. The whole edification makes me weary and I don't want to go into that - the weary need their west.


Sue said...

I hope you got some 'west' - so many trips to Cancun wears one out. I'll be meeting with Mauricio next week to start the FM3 process. Yeah!

Smart lady to buy double of things you know will be hard to find later. I'll have to check out the 6 peso store - I've seen the 12 peso store at Walmart and think there are some good bargains in there.

We went to Applebees last month - it was good, but wow - so expensive compared to what we're used to paying. I got the chicken oriental salad - it tasted just like it does in the US/Canada. But it felt weird to eat there, like I'd left Mexico behind or something.

IslaZina said...

Sue - I see Mauricio Monday afternoon. And you? I plan to hit Chedraui and maybe Walmart first. Get those filter cartridges now! LOL. Chedraui has the cartidges for the new pump/filter. And a wet vac hose hooked up to the filter is a mighty fine pool vacuum!
Big work here tomorrow with Ricardo coming with a helper to make shade cloth lattice.