September 24, 2008

Life's a grab bag!

Well, it's not Friday, a day other bloggers use as "grab bag." But today I am sort of just lazy and resting comfortably. So here's an update of no particular consequence.
Ricardo came yesterday and installed a three contact box for the roof to include the pool pump. No more dangling extension cords. He bonded with Lora and rather than have her go downstairs for water, gave her water out of his hand. She sure liked that!
I discovered my wet vac hose works great as a pool sweeper with the six foot extension I got. Jose had to leave abruptly for Cancun. His uncle was in a terrible car accident on his way to Merida, but in the end it was just a broken arm and eyebrow cut.
I am resting comfortably and have ceased to exist in Mexico. I am in "tramite." My FM3 expired three days ago and Mauricio Mendoza handed me the receipt for application of other credentials and told me to expect to wait a month, but keep careful financial records to report when the new visa is ready. I will need new mug shots and fingerprints!
Gladys borrowed the golf cart after the rains yesterday to look for imortant papers lost on the way home from school. Receipts were found, but a "credential" was not.
Friday is a WalMart day with Jose, who needs new pants. He probably needs more sweets for his sweetie too.
I will get a bag of doggie chews to sell at Lora's anniversary to raise money for Amigos los Animales. No Brenda, she's not getting a tiarra. She is a Mexican dog!

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Islaholic Trixie said...

How about one of those sash's the reigning queen wears across her chest?LOL
Wish I could be there for the party.