March 27, 2011

Black and Tan

Yesterday wasn't all about me after all. It was all about Punta, the black and tan dog in my life. As she hits 16 months, she is almost mature. And on the anniversary of her adult vaccines, time to get re-vaccinated.
We were visiting on the roof with Cheri and Jim Krull of Chatauqua NY when I decided to see if Pepe Vega was really back in town.
Pepe was the vet who replaced Delfino Guevara for a time as the non-profit vet on the island. Then, Delfino came back and Pepe started managing a bevy of models in Monterrey. Yes, fashion models.
He's been doing a lot of work for Isla Animals and Alison Sawyer Current lately, so I picked up the cell to see when he'd been in town. "I'm here and can come over," he said.
Since finding Delfino is a bit hard at times, I was pleased to know that Pepe will be back with some regularity. Punta seemed to like him and not remember that he spayed her at 2 months when Alison came upon her and her sisters, now in Minnesota.
Pepe threw a ball with her for a while before getting down to business. A 5-in-1 vaccine, a tick shot and an oral anti-parasite dosing.
All those meds made her restless and whiny last night. Yes, she got into my bed twice. She was so miserable.
Today, all is well and she frolicked in the sea on her morning escorted rounds which started with a golf cart ride direct to her favorite swimming hole. If islanders want to reach Pepe, you can get his phone number by emailing me via zina(at) or through Alison(at)
Delfino is still doing good work on the island and is still available. This is just for those who wanted a choice.

March 20, 2011

Tomorrow, the world!

Lindsay and Doug Milano seem to have mastered life in the slow lane on Isla Mujeres. On Monday, the hoardes at Chichen Itza and the sun shadow serpents of the equinox.

March 18, 2011

Let's sleep on it

So now you know. Punta isn't always faithful to me. Maybe because Sergio is the only one who can get away with letting her legs on the couch. See how tricky those two are?

March 17, 2011

Gourmet Underground

Sometimes, those of us accustomed to fine dining dine just fine at places like Kash Kechen Chuc near the Navy hospital and...LoLoLorena's. We stopped yesterday as she takes Evaristo tthe ferry dock this morning to go to Teluca, Veracruz, and she gets ready to go to Belgium.
Yum. Empanadas! For me, a good salbute is hard to resist!
We love that place. I call the owner catsun, the Maya word for handsome! Four of us ate, had horchata rice milk and bottled water. Paid about $15US and we were stuffed!

March 15, 2011

Religeous Order

There's a lot more graffiti on the island these days. Most of it is religious. And allow me to suggest it is not Catholics doing it. The 2000 Census reported 76.5 percent of Mexicans are Catholic. Most of the rest are protestant. In the time I've been on Isla Mujeres, there has been a mushrooming of church constructions. I've only captured a few and couldn't get to others I know well and a few I've only seen once out of cabs.

The Assemblies of God has a large church n the church row that runs down a center road of the island, past the woodworking shops and lumber stores. Presbyterians were the first I became aware of on that street, through my friend Baltazar at Amigos Restaurant. He and his sons attend this church.
My hairdresser and some other neighors are Jehovah's Witnesses. Their meeting hall is at the end of that center road, across from the baseball field. Many speak English, but she does not even though she goes door to door with the message. I have to carefully plan my hair emergencies around Saturday mornings and Tuesdays!

Another neighbor and family attended the Christian Community Church. Their motivation to change faiths was some general dissatisfaction with the Catholic church and a belief that it's better not to sin in the first place, rather than sin, confess and be absolved.
There are others. Pentecostals have two houses of worship. The Baptists have the building next door to Casa Sirena. There are a few I have seen only at night, when the doors of a house open and the sign inside the door and the pews inside reveal a service.
In this Catholic nation, there is room for a lot of religions!

March 12, 2011

It is what it is.

Student: Why are you calling it a Mexican Powerpoint presentation? Teacher: Because we are in Mexico and don't have a projector.

March 9, 2011

Tiger blood and Isla Mujeres

My bed also often serves as my desk, no secret. During Carnaval this year, it also became a safe haven for Punta. Against my wishes, when I went to the bathroom, she would jump up! She is such a scaredy dog.
Especially since this year's them was "Africa" and many of the sound systems created the impression that the dancers were seeking to drink tiger blood.
Yes, like Charlie Sheen's Queens, she is also a slut puppy and wanted to be petted...there. Winning! Then she was off as told until the next troop of dancers came strutting by.

March 2, 2011

Safety in Mexico

This is the most reasonable piece I have seen on the subject. I ask that your read it and stop worrying and praying for my redemption. Click on the highlighted words in the previous sentence.