March 27, 2011

Black and Tan

Yesterday wasn't all about me after all. It was all about Punta, the black and tan dog in my life. As she hits 16 months, she is almost mature. And on the anniversary of her adult vaccines, time to get re-vaccinated.
We were visiting on the roof with Cheri and Jim Krull of Chatauqua NY when I decided to see if Pepe Vega was really back in town.
Pepe was the vet who replaced Delfino Guevara for a time as the non-profit vet on the island. Then, Delfino came back and Pepe started managing a bevy of models in Monterrey. Yes, fashion models.
He's been doing a lot of work for Isla Animals and Alison Sawyer Current lately, so I picked up the cell to see when he'd been in town. "I'm here and can come over," he said.
Since finding Delfino is a bit hard at times, I was pleased to know that Pepe will be back with some regularity. Punta seemed to like him and not remember that he spayed her at 2 months when Alison came upon her and her sisters, now in Minnesota.
Pepe threw a ball with her for a while before getting down to business. A 5-in-1 vaccine, a tick shot and an oral anti-parasite dosing.
All those meds made her restless and whiny last night. Yes, she got into my bed twice. She was so miserable.
Today, all is well and she frolicked in the sea on her morning escorted rounds which started with a golf cart ride direct to her favorite swimming hole. If islanders want to reach Pepe, you can get his phone number by emailing me via zina(at) or through Alison(at)
Delfino is still doing good work on the island and is still available. This is just for those who wanted a choice.

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