April 4, 2011

Living on Mexican Time

Mexico begrudgingly joined the US yesterday in celebrating spring by springing forward an hour into Daylight Savings Time. And of course, a number of people were caught unaware and the "conchita" pulled pork vendors were left holding the pig!
Mexico did it on the first Sunday in April. Just like it did with the US until the US got smarty pants about it and changed the rules.
Mexico doesn't like that kind of change! No sir. Didn't like doing it in the first place so many years ago. Didn't like getting up an hour earlier this morning! Our body clocks say so. Don't they?
Well, the truth is, I thought about how wrong it would be to do it before the spring equinox. It would have meant our missing the last ferry getting back from Chichen Itza when we made our way to see the serpent!
So, for the next week, people will be late, not having heard word about the time change. Newspapers don't go crazy here promoting it in advance like they do in the US.
Those caught unawares will just be inconvenienced and snickered at in sympathy. And for the next week or two, when making business or dinner dates. the confirming question will be asked. Old or new time?
And for the record, the roosters seem to get along better with the rest of us on Daylight Savings time, crowing an hour later! Why are we saving daylight anyway? To get the crops harvested in the evening?

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Twofer one teeth cleaning-- great if you only have 2 left. Heh heh.