April 19, 2011


Gail Stewart was just leaving after a visit as Catholic Youth crusaders Martin, Jerrod and Omar arrived, bearing white rosaries. Misiletes and pictures of Jesus, urging us to go to church this week if we are Catholic (we are) and were in need of Misaletes in Spanish (we were). No no, no donations allowed. "You give during the collection at church," Martin said. And Holy Week's main services start right around the corner Thursday at 7pm at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (El Sagrado Corazon de Jesus). I am so glad to be here.


Gail said...

Thanks for picture...but looks like I am in jail, trapped with three teenagers!!! But really, they were so nice and sweet...what a lucky chance encounter! I can now practice my spanish during mass with my Spanish missalette!

IslaZina said...

You look like an escapee to me! See, it's all in the perspective. Have a Happy Easter, if I don't see you. I'd like to go to Fredy's with you Sunday night, if that sounds good to you! I am going to the 7pm service at the new church tonight if you care to join me.

Jana said...

Gail has been thrown in jail with some rowdy teens. No big surprise!