April 8, 2011

An Aquired Taste

I guess you could say I love Mexican life and all it has to offer, including cuisine. And when eating in Mexico, do as the Mexicans do. Comida Mexicana is a varied thing. From squash blossoms, fried or in soups, to the "Mexican truffle" called huitlacoche (pronounced weet la ko chee).
Huitlacoche is a corn fungus. Sounds gross, eh? It is a mold that grows between the husk and grains and then makes the grains larger and larger, until they are ready to burst.
When they do, or are helped along, they make an aromatic, mildly pungent black paste.
You've heard of food porn. This is real smut! Corn smut.
Here on Isla Mujeres, I know of three places that offer some. Casa Rollandi in Centro offers is as one of their pizza toppings. Bastso Grill has it in a quesadilla. And Rooster Cafe offers it in the sauce that accompanies the Island Omelette. If you haven't acquired the taste, try it. If you have the taste, know where to go! It's bound to be a popular food choice here during Semana Santa, the Easter vacation.


JAH said...

Chef Alain at Du Mexique, a wonderful gourmet restaurant in Cancun, makes the most incredible huitlacoche souffle - food of the gods!

Laura said...

I had this at a restaurant in Puerto Morelos called Las Palmeras, it was wonderful!