April 26, 2011

You never know

Getting things done in Mexico is so challenging that it is often just easy to blame the worker. I have had several people ask me for a computer tech recommendation in the last couple months only to come back with, "He's never there. He doesn't answer his calls. His store looks closed."
He is the best, I would say. They are having problems with the baby, I would say.
Adrian Martinez of Adrian's Internet Cafe has been my computer tech for more than two years.
When I last saw him just over a month ago, asking him to reconfigure my wireless network, since a neighbor kid was riding the opening network. We had made a decision to open it because the routers otherwise were not allowing network access to Macs.
He hurriedly told me that day, that the baby was being born with problems.
So, time passed and Adrian Martinez showed up today and got to working. "How's the baby?" I asked about an hour into it.
"The baby died. It was born premature in a private hospital," he began. "They suggested we go to General Hospital because otherwise the incubator would cost 5000 pesos a day."
The baby developed sepsis, a blood infection, in the Neonatal Unit. " He was there 18 days; it was called a 'super infection.' No antibiotic worked at all."
Bernice is taking it hard. "She carried the baby. made a nice closet and wardrobe." She cries, he said.
It looked like Adrian has been crying, too. "Yes, we are going to write to the mayor of Cancun. While were were there, five babies died the same way with sepsis. There is something wrong in the baby section of that hospital," he said.
You just never know. It is so easy to blame the worker who doesn't show up.


Island Nana said...

I don't know Adrian personally, although I have used his Internet cafe. My heart goes out to him and the baby's mother.

D and B W said...

So sad, so very sad.

Aleta in Alaska said...

Sending love and prayers to him and his family. Can't imagine what they are going through.

Erin said...

My heart breaks for Adrian and his family. Sending a prayer his way...

jackie said...

That is terrible. So many deaths of innocent newborns.