July 31, 2012

Long in the tooth

I'm back from a month in the US and almost recovered. As a multiple sclerosis patient I try to minimize processed foods and do my own cooking.. Most of the people around me were eating processed foods. "We are in the minority," my house guest Kathryn said.
 We like to cook up dried beans or quinoa salads and don't generally use dressings out of the bottle. Why, when we have limes and great oils?
 So this is a backward way to reintroduce my self: I am a 58-year-old woman living in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, a ferry ride from Cancun. I have two rental apartments I provide some extras for so people can enjoy life in a Mexican neighborhood.
 I grow my own greens to supplement the grocery's spotty availability. I put some in the dog food I often make for my dog Punta. At 30 pesos, close to three dollars, canned Pedigree isn't a real option. She likes chicken livers, gizzards and veggies and rice. Sometimes, when the batch is fresh, I'll share a bowl with her!
 So now that I have figured on how to sign on,  going to move along.
 I have lots to write about, from the lazy life here to my 25 years living with multiple sclerosis. I have opinions about the delivery of health care, on immigration, tax codes, Stuff I never covered before. But  it's time to reveal the real me. Hasta pronto!