August 19, 2011

Mommie's writer's block

Mommie's got writer's block and I have a new bed in the closet. I was in and out of my old bed, on the floor, all night. Now I think I'm used to something that doesn't have the faint smell of things I've rolled in. Mommie calls it olor putreficado. I call it cologne.
She was gone yesterday for four hours and came back with it. And the stupid stuffed puppy dog on the closet shelf. I don't know why she gets me stuffed sisters if I'm not allowed to pull out the stuffing, Which I did do first thing! Well, it had a tag that attracted my attention. Mommie is going to re-stuff her and I'll get to try again, to use her as my pillow. Imagine.
So, she was gone so long because the tax agency made her wait for nothing and she'll have to go back. She took her frustrations out on Costco, which is where she got the bed. And doggie chews. I'm happy. She also got nice food for her and to help make my food. And a new cell phone, a Nokia smartphone, which is where she says the stuffed sister came from. She was a freebie.
When she came home, she said she saw Pepe Vega, the vet, on the ferry. He's coming next week to take my blood again. He thinks I may have had erhlichia canis since I was a puppy, because I'm doing so well on the tetracycline and chicken livers, that I have some body weight now. Good that I have great legs, eh?
I overheard that when Sue Mallett came over in the evening to see the apartments She's going to help Mommie by being a rental agent, making sure I have nice people all the time. Sue and Miguel run Capi's Apartments and Miguel's Island Escapes and manage property. We manage ourselves but are not good at paper work, so mix ups could happen. And Mommie always wants to give price breaks, which isn't fair to anyone. including me. I have needs.
So Sue will take care of that. And she likes dogs, I can tell. Even though I could smell cats. And we all know how I feel about gatos!
Mommie asked me to write this because she hasn't blogged in a long time and she just got a note from Robert saying he loves it when I blog. She says that he and Katey will be back September 1. I love that. He treats me like I deserve to be treated: hugs on his laps.
Since I got sick, Mommie lets me on her own bed for like 5 minutes a night for hugs. Carmen says the Maya word is loch. Quiro loch? she asks when she comes in.
So, I have to go now. I'll talk to Mommie about writing something on her own. She's reading a book she likes a lot called The Help. She's had great people here who played with me. And it's hot. Oh, she has stories to tell. But it all falls on me!

August 9, 2011

The Mexican Washcloth

It puzzled me when I first started traveling to Mexico. How is it that the hotels did not have wash cloths for their guests? Now, after owning lodging for several years, I have some insight.
If you are here in the heat, you will see part of the answer: Workers outside wear them on their heads to break the sun and keep the perspiration close, so as not to get heat stroke. And those washcloths get a workout, day in and day it. A yucky thought.
Demure ladies carrying parasols dab at themselves with washcloths. Hardly a lady leaves home without one! Sometimes, a handkerchief will be clutched instead. But really, in this heat, it's a washcloth's job.
Because of those sweaty reasons, it is unfathomable to Mexicans that we would want one of those things in the shower while we are trying to get clean! Yuck!
Then, because they aren't so aesthetically appealing, cleaners and maids latch onto them and clean! Corners of counter tops, inside the shower where green things grow. Same for refrigerator spaces. Apply some bleach and rub hard. Oh, the acrylic glasses you don't want scratched with a fiber sponge? A washcloth! Cotton! Those wash clothes don't stand a chance. They are rags before you know it and have never made it into the shower!
So that dozen I pack in my suitcase. the 24 pack from Sam's Club, the occasional larger individual ones at the SuperXpress, they are all gone. They found other uses! Actually other uses and users found them.
Here, sisal and heartier fibers rule. You want to get clean in the shower? Grab something that will exfoliate you! And hang on to it so no one reappropriates it!

Talking trash in Mexico

So we were talking trash at Vivian Reynaldo's Qubano restaurant yesterday afternoon, having gotten there just before closing with my new check-in Jonny, and I looked across the aisle and gasped when I saw a Sprite can honoring LeBron James. In Mexico. After the Miami fiasco In Spanish. Maybe they were intended for Miami at one time. Who knows.
And Vivian, being a former Miami resident, was shocked. She hadn't noticed when she served it. "He did the same thing in Miami as he did in Cleveland. He stopped playing. The other two weren't doing what they were supposed to either," she said, eyebrows arching up, Cuban blood ready to boil.
"So do you suppose they're dumping his cans in Mexico?" I asked. mentally kicking sand in his face. No response. Change subject.
So, yeah, we were talking trash in Mexico. LeBron James. 'Nuff said.

August 8, 2011

Nicolas Found!

Sometimes, a waiter is so good, you really miss him when he is gone. One of 10 or so at his old place, but now, he is one of very few at Bally Hoo. Nicolas, good to know where you are and proud you took the time between jobs to be with your family! Mwah! He was working the breakfast shift at Bally Hoo last week.

August 7, 2011

Pray for Fran!

Every March, my friends pack up to leave Mar y Sol. Here, Fran White, left, and Shirley Israel, are packing their toys.
I got word this weekend from Shirley that Fran is in intensive care, intubated and sedated. She had surgery for infected diverticulosis with a reversible colostomy. The sedation is to keep her heart calm while she fights the infections. Please pray for her so we can all have fun in the sun again this winter.

August 1, 2011

Nobody puts Punta in a corner

Punta's new best friend, in sickness and in health, is Baby. Close to her is Ticker, not so playful. It was nice to watch them last night, After five days of tetracycline and chicken livers, she no longer acts like she's on death's door. But she does rest a lot after playing. Her erhlichia blood profile results mimic leukemia.
This morning, the serene Maruka is here and their just hanging out. Maruka knows Punta is sick and is glad it's taken some of her energy away!