August 9, 2011

Talking trash in Mexico

So we were talking trash at Vivian Reynaldo's Qubano restaurant yesterday afternoon, having gotten there just before closing with my new check-in Jonny, and I looked across the aisle and gasped when I saw a Sprite can honoring LeBron James. In Mexico. After the Miami fiasco In Spanish. Maybe they were intended for Miami at one time. Who knows.
And Vivian, being a former Miami resident, was shocked. She hadn't noticed when she served it. "He did the same thing in Miami as he did in Cleveland. He stopped playing. The other two weren't doing what they were supposed to either," she said, eyebrows arching up, Cuban blood ready to boil.
"So do you suppose they're dumping his cans in Mexico?" I asked. mentally kicking sand in his face. No response. Change subject.
So, yeah, we were talking trash in Mexico. LeBron James. 'Nuff said.

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