August 8, 2011

Nicolas Found!

Sometimes, a waiter is so good, you really miss him when he is gone. One of 10 or so at his old place, but now, he is one of very few at Bally Hoo. Nicolas, good to know where you are and proud you took the time between jobs to be with your family! Mwah! He was working the breakfast shift at Bally Hoo last week.


Jackie said...

Where was he before? He looks so familiar.
I think that my all time fav waiter on the island is Carlos. No matter where he has worked he always remembered my name and even what I like to drink. Last spot I found him was at the Aluxes beach club.

IslaZina said...

He was at Chuuk Kay before and the wait staff, even the newer guys, miss him a lot! Going to try Aluxes beach club with week. Or at least that's my intention!