September 30, 2008

More maintenance!

Thank God that Richard came yesterday morning to finally do that mini-split maintenance. That is the tropical equivalent of central air conditioning, absent ducts into every room. In my case, the rooftop condenser feeds 12,000BTU units in the office and bedroom.
Once he got into it, Richard found mold. Lots of it and an ant farm! Ha! In addition to all the problems of keeping ants at bay here, I was up against my own ant farm. And the AC throat I have had occasionally, especially the last two days, can be blamed on the mold factory blowing into my bedroom and office.
It took him all day to do half the job. He said the fact that I cook sucked a lot of grease into the unit as well. Well, there you go. I should not cook! Wrong. I love to.
But it was truly gross and required Master Fan, an acid based cleaner that also takes care of salt air corrosion that was under way.
I'm still sniffling and sort of wishing I was a man in need of much sympathy. Every time I sneeze, Lora comes running like I'm going to die or something. No, doggie dog, this is a normal life occurrence. A sneeze is not the end of the world.

September 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary to all!

Jose decorated for the party. And whose picture would be more pretty and fitting than that of the anniversary dog.
Marta brought flowers. Alison and Soli brought a new dog brush. Anna and Genevieve brought stuff to sell to help Lora's friends and all the people of the island.

Alison also brought a dog that played with Lora, but I never could get them in together in the same photo. Street dogs that they were, they'd run up Hidalgo chasing cats. And then Lora would come back and sit down innocently.
Steve from Casa Sirena came for the Bimbo dogs and to to see "Sun Dogs," the documentary about the Jamaican dog sled team, trained by Minnesota mushers. And Steve's not anything if he's not a Minnesotan!
Miguel was charming and very effective in meeting our beverage needs!
Money was raised for PEACE-Isla Mujures and Amigos los Animales. And a good time was had by all.

September 28, 2008

Bearing fruit

Not all fruits are obvious. Above are the seeds of a non-cocount bearing palm. Similar palms' seeds are treated as nuts, cocoyol, and boiled in honey for the holidays.
Fruits are now setting on the mystery plant in my garden. It is indeed a papaya.

The fruits are tiny now. But with the rains, growing daily. Is is a yummy papaya or a so-so papaya? I'll let you know soon, I hope.
Tonight is the big Lora's First Anniversary bash. We went last night for a site survey, and she said it was fine. Doggy Daddy Miguel open up a can of dog food and was amazed at how fast she woofed it down.
I wrapped dog treats, chews and cat treats to sell as fundraisers for Amigos los Animales and PEACE-Isla Mujeres. And this morning, Jose and I put a few more fliers out and then he disposed of gasoline/thinner from cleaning the generator and washed out the can. I did a load of laundry and hung it since the low front that has hung here for a few days is scheduled to move on.
Jose also cleaned the roof and washed some pool filters. I made us eggs with chaya and pepper jack cheese, tomatoes and chilis. And we split a bagel. He's getting the hang of them now!
Want to help the causes and can't make it tonight? Here's a link!

September 25, 2008

Party Animal!

Lora has been working on invitations to her 100 peso fundraiser anniversary-with-Zina party! Anna Douglas of PEACE, the community foundation, has done the flier layout and we'll be distributing them the rest of the week. And since the anniversary isn't until 7pm Sunday, there's plenty of time to get the word out!
The 100 peso event will benefit the community foundation, PEACE, and Amigos los Animales.
Tomorrow Jose and I will go to Walmart to get some pet treats to resell at the event, so vacationers will have access to better treats for their favorite strays.
Jose did more painting and cleaning yesterday before we got out the bucket and dog soap. Yep, the anniversary girl will be sporting a better look than two brushings a day can give.
I watched Sun Dogs again last night, the movie we'll be showing. Those are street dogs used in the Jamaica Dog Sled team and one looks a lot like my doggie.
But as Jose remarked, Lora has enjoyed a house dog life now and probably wouldn't take to pulling someone else's load! !

September 24, 2008

Life's a grab bag!

Well, it's not Friday, a day other bloggers use as "grab bag." But today I am sort of just lazy and resting comfortably. So here's an update of no particular consequence.
Ricardo came yesterday and installed a three contact box for the roof to include the pool pump. No more dangling extension cords. He bonded with Lora and rather than have her go downstairs for water, gave her water out of his hand. She sure liked that!
I discovered my wet vac hose works great as a pool sweeper with the six foot extension I got. Jose had to leave abruptly for Cancun. His uncle was in a terrible car accident on his way to Merida, but in the end it was just a broken arm and eyebrow cut.
I am resting comfortably and have ceased to exist in Mexico. I am in "tramite." My FM3 expired three days ago and Mauricio Mendoza handed me the receipt for application of other credentials and told me to expect to wait a month, but keep careful financial records to report when the new visa is ready. I will need new mug shots and fingerprints!
Gladys borrowed the golf cart after the rains yesterday to look for imortant papers lost on the way home from school. Receipts were found, but a "credential" was not.
Friday is a WalMart day with Jose, who needs new pants. He probably needs more sweets for his sweetie too.
I will get a bag of doggie chews to sell at Lora's anniversary to raise money for Amigos los Animales. No Brenda, she's not getting a tiarra. She is a Mexican dog!

September 22, 2008

Day of the Dog gets bigger!

Lora's anniversary with me, September 28th, was planned as a family affair at her doggie daddy's place, Miguel's Moonlite. Yesterday, at the PEACE fundraiser, we got to talking and came to a consensus that Lora could help less fortunate dogs through Amigos Los Animales.
Miguel has agreed to host it. He and I talked about Bimbo Dogs and a drink. Gregorio has composed a song! And in addition to the one we all know, he has another called Black Dog, about a dog who died. Very fitting for Amigos los Animales. Maybe we can record the dog songs and use the tape for fundraisers! We might also show the Jamaican Dog Sled Team movie,"Sun Dogs" with Jimmy Buffet, a birthday present from my brother. Last night, we saw 11th Hour.
At any rate, while I am in Cancun, Anna from PEACE will meet Miguel to iron out details. That's Sunday the 28th around 7pm at Miguel's! And almost free!

Mystery Plant

What is this plant in my garden? It was always pretty enough in the short time I remember it. Now, it has turned into a tree!
The blossoms are very nice. I started looking around on the internet. Turns out, it is a papaya. Now, who planted the seed? And when ?
Was it Kathryn from Iowa on a day we were digging around? Was it the "children of Contras" who ate papaya daily? Was it another guest?
I'll have to see who fesses up. In the meantime, I'll watch for the first fruits. And on today's agenda, another trip to Cancun to get documents from my lawyer. He lives near Soriana and Home Depot. Uh oh.

September 20, 2008

All the toys in the same room now!

Among Gladys's strong points are getting Lora's toys rounded up. She just loves dogs. And her floors are spotless. But with Lora, they are a challenge because Lora thinks a Mexican mop - a towel with a squeegie - is a toy.
So as soon as he mopping begins, so does the game. Catch the mop.
Gladys speaks in Maya to Lora, so I can't related this special dance to you. But it seems like fun for both of them.
Jose finished rooftop painting yesterday and I cleaned the pool! Ha! And I finally got him into it. Bad influence for Miguel, I am teaching Jose phrases like, "I'm on break."
Ricardo and a masonry helper come today. I went to Centro last night to hit the ATM and Jose found great romaine lettuce for me while on a run to the super for Miguel. Stopped at Ballpark Tacos on the way home and then got some eggs for this morning.
It's cochinita pibil day, so the workers will get fed pulled pork. And Lora and I will have chilaquiles.

September 19, 2008

This bad wheel made 3 trips to Cancun

Isla is generally hard on feet and this foot impressed Jose when I took my Reeboks off to clean the pool. The foot injury occurred after one of the early trips to Cancun in the last two weeks.
I figure the 5th metatarsal distally, the bone on the side of the foot, is broken. I had this once on the other side and Delfino is recovering from the same injury. He got his feeding strays in Puerto Juarez.
I got mine being woken up by kids at the front door trying to sell flan while in a deep siesta and stepping down on the side of the foot. The afternoon after I bought the Reeboks that have been my cast.
Today, with 40 pesos of fish and a half bottle of sauvignon blanc, I made pescado veracruzana. Got the fish next to the electric company after paying the bills, on the way to the paint store.
Hmmmm. And leftovers for fish taco breakfast. How I made it:
Sauteed the 4 fillets in 123 Oil, added sliced onions, peppers, green olives, capers, floated a tea bag in the boiling wine since I couldn't find a bay leaf, added three habaneros from the garden and a couple spigs of mint, since I had no bay leaf.
Jose appreciated the meal after working in the heat. He said it was a 500 peso platter!
And as I was putting food away, Delfino stopped by with doggie chews! OH GOODY, said Lora. We are set for Christmas!

September 18, 2008

West for the weary

Ok, so I'm making fun of Jose. I a country that rolls its RRs, I can't figure out why Jose has trouble with American English words starting in r. Rest. As in for the weary.
Yesterday afternoon, coming home from a 7 hour trip to Cancun, he said, "You
look weary. For the next week, you rest." Ahhh...he does get it! Still, it's 'you west.'
I all started on a side street around Cancun's Palacio Municipal, where I was to get a card for my CURP. The unique ID key which is like a social security number. On the 26th, I have to go back to the IRS present this card that will presumably match the number the IRS generated. And be handed my new taxpayer ID.
So I'm on the phone with Mauricio and he's running late. And in the end, the Registro Civil decides I am not worthy because I didn't got to inmigracion with my FM3 to get an exit card for an exit I have no plans for.
Anyway, we walk to a main drag and call Mauricio again. No answer. Leave IM.
Off we go, hungry at 11am. Nearest sit down chain, and I do want something uniquely American, is Applebee's. where Jose decides he wants something uniquely American. Fettucine with Shrimp in Lemon Pepper Sauce. Me, I opt for Southwestern ribs and a side salad. It came also with a side of pasta I didn't know about.
At any rate, Mauricio calls, determines where we are and before we can even consider dessert, come by for my passport/FM3 and a list of problems.
Off we go to the Soriana's near his house with big plans for H0me Depot. Not.
I announce to Jose, that it may seem stupid to him, but I am buying the last swimming pool they have like the one I bought in the US. To salvage for parts over time.
If you live here and have lived in the US, you know they won't ship that pool here next year. Pumps and their parts will be unatainable! Just so he doesn't think I'm nuts. Then, we spot the Hamburger Helper. I'm not nuts, I say, I start reading the ingredients, in Spanish, out loud. "You'd be nuts to eat that," he says. I agree.
But it's only 11 pesos. He gives me that NUTSO look. We move on.
I bought candy corn. HA!
We got a 5 dollar gallon of white paint, A a shower caddie to replace on being claimed by rust,
muffin mixes, dog food, and yes, a BIG rawhide chew. And a chew of threads.
They have a six peso store, so I had to see what I could get. Scrubbies and cute key chains with metal emergency candy boxes attached. I think adults will use them for pesos!
So right now as I write, Jose has been working for 2 hours and needs more paint rollers and Gladys is confounded by anti sarro remover, stuff to clean calcium off the shower floors and walls. But we have muriatic acid...
I don't want to get into that it causes a need to regrout. The whole edification makes me weary and I don't want to go into that - the weary need their west.

September 14, 2008

Made in the shade is only an expression

Ricardo Sosa worked in the midday sun to cut the shade cloth to hang on the side wall of the upper deck. Yeah, that's the ticket. The rooftop patio is the upper deck from now to the end of baseball season! At the very least.
Ricardo, a sweet man who started in life as a waiter, is the brother of Jose "Cheaper than Walmart," and Leidy, a city accountant who has audited after every administration. She is also a cancer survivor and great fun.
Ricardo got the perpetual Christmas lights up on Saturday and was amazed the old ones were on 24/7 since hurricane Wilma. On Sunday, the hem on the side shade cloth was not finished at the shoemaker's, so I enjoyed the pool alone as Lora watched with her dog chew, but opted to chase a 2 litre coke bottle around the the upper deck.
Mary Ann stopped Sunday afternoon on her way to buy Omar ice cream and commented how dark I had gotten. And speaking of..I roasted that chicken but not quite terriyaki style. Still, it was wonderful to stay home in the heat and top off a great day with a siesta.
I've been having vivid dreams since I started taking green, black and white tea capsules. I wonder if it's related.

Rest for the weary

Yep, I am sitting still today, again! Neck deep in water in my clean little Easy Set pool with the new filter.
Yesterday, Ricardo put up the permanent Christmas lights and we waited for delivery of cement, sand and gravel. At this point, I decided the pool would never be clean unless I got in with a srubbie. And there I sat for 3 hours.
Ricard meaured and cut the millar shade cloth and took it to the shoemaker to hem. He said he would be back today to put up posts and hang it. Actually, this is the privacy screen. The shade cloth needs one more pedestal from the cement that will also be used to build a better fence and close off one of Lora's clandestine exits.
I went into town at 7am to hit the ATM at the super and picked up a few things, including a whole chicken. Already the mic checks were starting for Monday night's big event.
I think today is the day to test the nylon oven bags for an adaptation of Beck's teriyaki chicken. After the market, I stopped at el Parque in La Gloria, looking for some Mexican tri color flags, clothes or other decorations. What I like about them is they are so nifty for our style of Christmas decoration. Alas, there weren't any yet, but surely the push carts will make the rounds today.',

September 13, 2008

Viva Mexico!

Get ready for a four day weekend! Hidalgo's cry for Independence came in the predawn hours of the 15th and Indpendence from Spain was won another year on the 16th.
Fireworks expected. I share with my Mexican friends 4th of July fireworks from my little pueblita in the US.
My trip to Cancun was with mixed results yesterday. Through no fault of my own, my Mexican ID has carried the wrong birthday for the last 4 years. I thought correcting it would be a simple matter. The CURP, however, is generated by different elements of your name, your father's and mother's last names and your birthdate.
So, rather than correct the folder with a note, they generate a new CURP. From which they generate a new taxpayer ID. So, now I have 2 new IDs. But wait...I have to take papers to Cancun's civil registry on Wednesday, if anyone is sober get a card to then take back to the Hacienda for the new taxpayer ID card. Only then can Mauricio go forward with inmigraccion!
Well, none of this took any time but, like clockwork, I forgot the cell phone on the charger at home, so there was no reaching Mauricio.
I proceeded as planned, to Costco. And I do have the ropes of fiber optic white lights to replace the ones that have hung for three years and finally died.
And after Costco, I can offically and comfortably survive ANYTHING! An 8 pack of tuna, 4 varieties, for 50 cents a can? How can you just say no? Stella Artois beer? A case! I only have 20 left from the first case. But all these holidays are coming up and it is a better beer than Noche Buena! Or maybe not. Huge beer drinker that I am not, I forget.
But the biggest news of all. I got great tenis. Sneaks. Running shoes for a non runner. Jazzin Reeboks for $36!
I also picked up a huge, I mean HUGE box of mesculin lettuce mix and pomegranite juice, for Miguel. Back on Isla Mujeres, Miguel sent Jose for onions and avacadoes and made salads, huge salads for us, since Luis the cook called in lazy. He got no salad when he stopped by for a looksee!

September 12, 2008

Hurricane Preps...Listo!

Well, we are all on the same page now! Mundo came early, Jose on time and Gladys a half hour late. Lora participated, and we are now ready to run the generator should it be needed later this season. For a cold start, prime the carburetor with paint thinner!
Gladys mopped up dead bugs that keep showing up after last week's fumigation and checked linens for mildew. They were all out of here by 12:30, which got me on the 1:30pm ferry and a quick stop at Soriano's (yeah! They had shower mats!) before my 2:30 date with Ricardo at Home Depot, where I selected shade cloths and privacy screening for the rooftop veranda. At Home Depot, I also found a baby gate, all the better to keep Lora in her place, and six swimming pool filters. Ricardo graciously offered to bring it all to the house Saturday.
At check out, 4pm, my lawyer called to say he was coming home early. Yippee! I thought I would have 2 hours to kill!
Ricardo and the cabbie dropped me off and I signed papers for Mauricio. Strategy for later today: I will keep my 10 am appointment at the Hacienda to correct the birth date on my principle legal ID, CURP, and he will meet me near there or at Costco to take my passport and original FM3 to Inmigraccion by 1pm, or wait til Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday are legal Independence holidays.
Two phrases Jose mastered this week: "Like clockwork" and "No rest for the weary." Pretty fitting.
By 5pm, once back on Isla Mujeres, I stopped to update Miguel and the boys. We also decided that September 28 in the Year of the Dog should be declared a "Day of the Dog" party to celebrate Lora's one year anniversary with me at her doggie daddy's place!

September 11, 2008

Love struck

Well, Jose the waiter from Miguel's Moonlite, is clearly lovestruck. He showed up yesterday to finish the touch up paint projects and confessed that the chocolate intended for his sister rapidly became intended for Sandi. And that it may have worked - he had an afternoon date with her.
While he worked, I cooked up vegetarian fajitas with beta enriched ORANGE cauliflower and green beans in cremini and Cheddar cheese sauce. Then he decided to paint a couple metal waste baskets black.
I hear from the back...I spilled the paint on the white patio deck. I thought he was kidding.
Soon, I head back. It's all over his hands and burning. He asks for an emergency paint thinner run.
Like a surgeon, he gets in the golf cart promising not to touch Lora, I've got the pesitos and Lora enters a hardware store that has two dogs and a cat. EEOOOWWW!
I extricate Lora from there and Jose asks me to fill a bucket of water and hand him the thinner. EEOOWW. While thinner is used loosely in all kinds of ways here, this was a bad call. Within minutes, sheets of ashen flesh float off his hands.
I grab the baking soda, tell him to wet his hands down with it and water. And rewash with baby shampoo and water. I grab cortizone creme and Triple Antibiotic with Lidocaine. And go to the roof for the aloe leaves.
Soon, he thinks I am am medical witch! La bruja's tricks worked and he was soon packing his own fajitas, extolling the virtues of having an abnormal amount of first aide gear in the house. And praising the muy rico fajitas.
We are done and he packs up the area rug, some old curtains I found, and heads back home to town, promising to be back at 8am to clean up the paint spill in the shed in time for Mundo to do his thing with the generator.
I made Lora and mi chilaquilies with cottage cheese and we woofed them down.

And as soon as Gabriel the accountant left at 8pm, I was in bed. And Lora was beside me on her mattress that Jose had beaten the lumps out of before things got wild. What excitement will today bring? Generator maintenance, Jose and Gladys cleaning, Ultramar ride, Home Depot and the lawyer. It could only be a wild day!
I'll be on my own for the afternoon, no love struck helpers.
At least the rain day is over and the kids are back in school. And maybe Jose had an afternoon delight and is thinking clearly today for the morning clean up. Me, I have to go take the laundry down. I think it dried in the overnight winds!

September 10, 2008

Survival Mode

Oh, the rains won't kill me! I like them a lot, actually. It's the US style schedule I have for the rest of the week that worries me.
After a great outing to Cancun yesterday - including lawyer and WalMart in inclement weather, I am faced with cleaning, reorganizing, laying a new rug, meeting with the accountant today, and then starting tomorrow - tuning and painting the generator by Mundo, lawyer again, Home Depot with Ricardo and then on Friday, Mexican IRS with Costco as the cherry on top. Actually, 24 meters of fiber optic lights for Christmas!
It's traveling on the ferry in rains with documents that gets to you. And also, there's the issue of laundry, personal stuff, drying during the rains!
Well, yesterday's trip was remarkable! Mauricio Mendoza took about 20 minutes time to create a strategy that I had over-prepared for. Since he was late getting here, Jose had to go in with me rather than check out the nearby Home Depot. Then, it was on to POWER SHOP!
I took a motorized cart, and since I had just been in there in the last few days, I led the way. He had a cart and the two of use were quite a site. Having him keep up with me reminded me of walking Lora with the golf cart. Andale!
First stop, the 12 peso store. Everything at least 66 percent cheaper than elsewhere in the store. He got hangers and a couple drinking glass. I got a two collander set and roasting bags.
Then, the main event. Look for curtains and floor mats for Jose. Well, he didn't have measurements, but saw anything from adaptable synthetic shower curtains to blinds to regular curtains. He'll be back.
He was also shopping, allegedly, for his little sister who turns 15 on the 15th. No big party. The family is chipping in to buy her a scooter for school and job commuting. So I'm point to the tire guages, Armor All, helmets. He comes up with a $6 box of chocolate. Cute.
I stock up on a 24 pack of TP for the apartments, some paper towels, dog chews and cheese, again, cheese. More ricotta.
We munch our way through food testers and Jose concludes he is starving. First, grab that pomegranate juice for Miguel, here - taste a green bean, no there's no bean inside, and cash out. On to the McDonald's, where he wants the double Big Mac. Who knew!
He tells me that with the relish I sent back the day before, every staff person at Miguel's Moon LIte had beef burgers with tarter sauce and talked about how it could be improved. Cheese Whiz and jalapeno relish and you have "special sauce!" Yes, or a simple tartar sauce great for seafood. Maybe add capers and chilis. A keeper! Yippee!
I had gotten a new area rug for the living room. Last year's stock...for $20 and agreed to give Jose my other one, nice, but with a Lora upchuck stain I promised to have out by this morning. He is more than thrilled. This years rugs are going for double the price.
We high tail it back. The phrase of the day is "Like clockwork."
I handled the isla Mujeres parking lot and he the baggage handlers. I drop him off at home and go to Miguel's for a celebratory pomogranite beverage.
Jose shows up and asks if he can go around the corner. He is carrying the box of chocolate.
So, it's not for his sister? Jaja. He has a girl he has been courting. Little devil. I hope he wins her over.
But he LIED TO ME! Oh well.
A quickd stop at La Justicia, where I talk with Jorge's dad while waiting on a $6 fish dinner I intend to split as guilt food with Lora, since she still has the ear fungus and was in the carrier all day without AC.
When I got home, it was raining again and I had stuff and the area rug. Federico ran over and quickly loaded me into the house. And then I collapsed into a siesta that took me through the night! And Lora, she just can't get over having an inventory of so many rawhide chews! She is a good doggie dog!
And now, to mix up some gentian violet and vinegar water to wash her ears out. Yep, this is paradise all right.
PS....the 12 Peso store also netted me a pair of "Palin readers." I therefore am ready for Halloween.


September 8, 2008

Mexican Zeitgeist

Here, life is lived with a spirit that is as fleeting as the wind, but has its own karma. We North Americans expect things when we want them, partly because our culture obsesses with schedules.
So on Sunday, after my marathon Saturday, I was expecting the plumber, the mason and Jose all to show up at 9 am. One out of three ain't bad!
Richard, aka Ricardo Sosa, showed up promptly at 9am, and that gave us time to go over the rooftop scaping and masonry fencing projects. He and I will hook up in Cancun at Home Depot on Wednesday after I am done at the Hacienda, IRS, to get shade cloths for the rooftop finish he envisions. Jose was burned out from his family function, but showed up today, as did Mundo.
In record time, and for $200 pesos, Mundo cleaned and regulated all the faucets, hoses, showers, sinks, etc. and will come back Thursday to tune the generator and walk through the set up again with Jose and me.
Jose just about finished his painting projects and Zeta Gas came by and collected $400 pesos for about a year's worth of cooking gas. Two ponie kegs and a medium tank. It will be delivered tomorrow morning before I go to Cancun, finally, to the lawyer. I was having navigation problems last week that resolved with some prednisone, witness Saturday!
Before he left to get ready for Miguel's, Jose took Lora to get tortilla's at her favorite place, but she would not run. Heat is already built up.
Me, I'm going to take a shower and sort piles of papers in sextuplicate for the lawyer to have a breeze. And Jose wants to go too, so we can make a quick trip to WalMart for curtain rods for his apartment and get back before he starts work.
And right now, he is carrying to town the missing ingredient for tartar sauce, since kids want it with their fish burgers, but Miguel didn't have the relish. So far, a good day!
Outside, an amaryllis is about to bloom, right by Lora's number one bathroom. I guess it's the nitrogen! That bulb just got done blooming within the last six weeks!
See, it's the zietgeist.

September 7, 2008

And the best looking DA

I woke up yesterday with fumigation/AC throat. The health brigade had come by Friday while Jose was painting and we took them up on free fumigation. Then it got so hot, I fell asleep with the AC on, but already planned a quick run to WalMart for Saturday to look for a pool filter and dog chews.
Gladys came and cleaned up the fumigation liquid and I took off. Sat with Gregorio the mariachi on the ferry, on his way to a wedding gig. Loveliest man.
Well, WalMart was hopping!
They now have Sargento cheeses and I got a good stock of cake mixes. The food testers were out and Christmas inventory was being stocked by elves.
I looked for elusive shower mats but had to settle for a door mat. That's our lot here. The 12 peso shop had srubbie pads and waste baskets.
When I first entered WalMart, a greeter talked me into trying one of the motorized carts. Well, I coined a phrase that several other users Mexicans loved. "Con permiso? O sin permiso!" Yep, I'm moving through with or without your permission!
A picked up a couple shower curtains, more chard, tuna fruit - a cactus - and was ready to roll after dropping $150. But wait, there's a Paul Mitchell salon. I lurked outside a bit, saw a couple stylists in action, and told the receptionist I wanted one of the two that seemed to specialize in short hair.
I sat down and asked for what Is said is known to me as culo de pato, pero feminina. That's what we call them in the US, I said. Here too, she replied. Well, let me tell you. It is the best DA I have ever had. It's the cut that has worked best for me the past decade and this one is stellar. $11.
The weather was starting to get heavy coming back. But Manuel the cabbie was laughing. He too has been stocking up. Those with memories remember how bleak it was after Wilma and the weather train is just taking off.
Coming back, I sat with neighbors who were also dressed in huipils, but dressy. They were coming back from a Maya party, and I had one of the plain ones on. But new, crisp and white. They asked about Lora and I said I had lots of huesitos for her. The lady makes conchinita on Sundays and has donated to Lora's cause.
Lora was such a good dog in the morning. Despite a worsening ear infection, with intervention the night before, she ran to and from the juice joint while Gladys was here. With me in the golf cart. She only got in to escape a big bad dog briefly. So, my baby was patiently digesting more meds in her carrier when I got home. But first, a stop to visit Amelia, the day after her 58th birthday. Gave her a little coin purse from the US and a card from PEACE, and told her they were being sold to raise money for some of the grants going on.
I also promised her chard, mandarin and tuna juice for breakfast. She is such a precious friend. But Popsy didn't know what to do with a huesto.
THEN, I went home. I showed an excited Lora all her rawhide and put one in the living room and on on her bed. She couldn't get over it!
Talked to Ricard, the mason and AC guy. He's coming over this morning to give estimates, along with Mundo, the terrific generator service guy and general plumber. And Jose, who rendezvoused with his family yesterday in Cancun. Alas, we did not hook up at Domino's as he had hoped.
And just minutes before the rains came, I was in the house with all my stuff! All that's missing now is cooking gas. Yep. All tanks are on empty! But I have electric appliances all over the property should something untoward happen before the trucks show up. They were MIA the last three days.
So, off to the juicer so Amelia and I can get stronger! It's not raining, but the skies are very grey and the air is heavy. And Jose has touch ups to do in the apartment rented out for next month. I love it when a plan comes together!
And despite using 2 cabs totaling $5.50US and $5 for the ferry, I saved more than $60 if I had been able to find all the things I got on the same week if that were ever possible.

September 3, 2008

Words Escape Me

My brother and I may not been speaking after he sent me 5 emails with attachments, averaging 300k about Sarah Palin. I just don't care. I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused, as the old song says.
One of my favorite blogs is published by April Winchell, whose father the ventriloquist/humorist raised those of us over 50 who had access to a TV. She is a humorist and voice actress, doing cartoon and commercial voice overs. He blog is filled with satire and wit.
April found this spoof of Amazon that pretty well sums up how I feel about the Palin clan. It's a mock baby shower registry for Bristol.

Now, Jose has been called into work and we just ran errands for real work to come. He will be back early Friday and I will go to the lawyer tomorrow. Today, the final paper shuffle. Hasta la proxima!

September 1, 2008

Tropical Depression Amusements

Dogs, like people, need good amusement during Tropical Depressions. When rawhide huesitos are hard to come by, a good reformed street dog makes do.
First, you rip the cap off. Then start on the label. Lay each destroyed part aside.
Keep going. The next step is to run it around the house and then bite it until it is flat. Then mommie throws it into the recycling bin and Mexico is a better place for Lora doggy dog.