September 3, 2008

Words Escape Me

My brother and I may not been speaking after he sent me 5 emails with attachments, averaging 300k about Sarah Palin. I just don't care. I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused, as the old song says.
One of my favorite blogs is published by April Winchell, whose father the ventriloquist/humorist raised those of us over 50 who had access to a TV. She is a humorist and voice actress, doing cartoon and commercial voice overs. He blog is filled with satire and wit.
April found this spoof of Amazon that pretty well sums up how I feel about the Palin clan. It's a mock baby shower registry for Bristol.

Now, Jose has been called into work and we just ran errands for real work to come. He will be back early Friday and I will go to the lawyer tomorrow. Today, the final paper shuffle. Hasta la proxima!

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Beck said...

Love that April Winchell piece! I forwarded it on to friends. Thanks Zina!