September 25, 2008

Party Animal!

Lora has been working on invitations to her 100 peso fundraiser anniversary-with-Zina party! Anna Douglas of PEACE, the community foundation, has done the flier layout and we'll be distributing them the rest of the week. And since the anniversary isn't until 7pm Sunday, there's plenty of time to get the word out!
The 100 peso event will benefit the community foundation, PEACE, and Amigos los Animales.
Tomorrow Jose and I will go to Walmart to get some pet treats to resell at the event, so vacationers will have access to better treats for their favorite strays.
Jose did more painting and cleaning yesterday before we got out the bucket and dog soap. Yep, the anniversary girl will be sporting a better look than two brushings a day can give.
I watched Sun Dogs again last night, the movie we'll be showing. Those are street dogs used in the Jamaica Dog Sled team and one looks a lot like my doggie.
But as Jose remarked, Lora has enjoyed a house dog life now and probably wouldn't take to pulling someone else's load! !


Beck said...

Lora has such pretty eyes! My Saby has the same dark eye liner around hers too! Wish I was on Isla for the fundraiser!

scottozoid said...

A lovely anniversary portrait of Lora!
Even Junior Cat was somewhat impressed, she said Lora looks good "for a DOG" (she is so catty sometimes, after all she IS a cat)
I wish I could be there too, have a Miguel Mojito for me!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Lora looks like she is born to be "the queen."
You should post a link to Peace so people can contribute through paypal or something, if they can't be on Isla for the party.
Make sure you post photos of Lora at the party!!