September 30, 2008

More maintenance!

Thank God that Richard came yesterday morning to finally do that mini-split maintenance. That is the tropical equivalent of central air conditioning, absent ducts into every room. In my case, the rooftop condenser feeds 12,000BTU units in the office and bedroom.
Once he got into it, Richard found mold. Lots of it and an ant farm! Ha! In addition to all the problems of keeping ants at bay here, I was up against my own ant farm. And the AC throat I have had occasionally, especially the last two days, can be blamed on the mold factory blowing into my bedroom and office.
It took him all day to do half the job. He said the fact that I cook sucked a lot of grease into the unit as well. Well, there you go. I should not cook! Wrong. I love to.
But it was truly gross and required Master Fan, an acid based cleaner that also takes care of salt air corrosion that was under way.
I'm still sniffling and sort of wishing I was a man in need of much sympathy. Every time I sneeze, Lora comes running like I'm going to die or something. No, doggie dog, this is a normal life occurrence. A sneeze is not the end of the world.

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Sue said...

I took a siesta after early dinner last night, just felt I needed to collapse. I think I would have slept all evening except Negra started barking and woke me up. I realized I had a sore throat, and this morning it is even worse - same symptoms as you. Except I haven't used my a/c in weeks. Must be something going around.

Good to get the a/c cleaned. Feel better soon!