September 28, 2008

Bearing fruit

Not all fruits are obvious. Above are the seeds of a non-cocount bearing palm. Similar palms' seeds are treated as nuts, cocoyol, and boiled in honey for the holidays.
Fruits are now setting on the mystery plant in my garden. It is indeed a papaya.

The fruits are tiny now. But with the rains, growing daily. Is is a yummy papaya or a so-so papaya? I'll let you know soon, I hope.
Tonight is the big Lora's First Anniversary bash. We went last night for a site survey, and she said it was fine. Doggy Daddy Miguel open up a can of dog food and was amazed at how fast she woofed it down.
I wrapped dog treats, chews and cat treats to sell as fundraisers for Amigos los Animales and PEACE-Isla Mujeres. And this morning, Jose and I put a few more fliers out and then he disposed of gasoline/thinner from cleaning the generator and washed out the can. I did a load of laundry and hung it since the low front that has hung here for a few days is scheduled to move on.
Jose also cleaned the roof and washed some pool filters. I made us eggs with chaya and pepper jack cheese, tomatoes and chilis. And we split a bagel. He's getting the hang of them now!
Want to help the causes and can't make it tonight? Here's a link!


Beck said...

Zina, that must be the same palm I loved in Kauai! It had those red berries. It's a much more perfect looking palm than the Queen's we have here. If that's the one, I think they've planted those on Hidalgo down by Bamboo.

Islaholic Trixie said...

Thanks for the link Zina..I am now going to go donate in "the queen" Lora's Name!!

IslaZina said...

Thanks Trixie, for the suggestion of a link. Duh!