September 11, 2008

Love struck

Well, Jose the waiter from Miguel's Moonlite, is clearly lovestruck. He showed up yesterday to finish the touch up paint projects and confessed that the chocolate intended for his sister rapidly became intended for Sandi. And that it may have worked - he had an afternoon date with her.
While he worked, I cooked up vegetarian fajitas with beta enriched ORANGE cauliflower and green beans in cremini and Cheddar cheese sauce. Then he decided to paint a couple metal waste baskets black.
I hear from the back...I spilled the paint on the white patio deck. I thought he was kidding.
Soon, I head back. It's all over his hands and burning. He asks for an emergency paint thinner run.
Like a surgeon, he gets in the golf cart promising not to touch Lora, I've got the pesitos and Lora enters a hardware store that has two dogs and a cat. EEOOOWWW!
I extricate Lora from there and Jose asks me to fill a bucket of water and hand him the thinner. EEOOWW. While thinner is used loosely in all kinds of ways here, this was a bad call. Within minutes, sheets of ashen flesh float off his hands.
I grab the baking soda, tell him to wet his hands down with it and water. And rewash with baby shampoo and water. I grab cortizone creme and Triple Antibiotic with Lidocaine. And go to the roof for the aloe leaves.
Soon, he thinks I am am medical witch! La bruja's tricks worked and he was soon packing his own fajitas, extolling the virtues of having an abnormal amount of first aide gear in the house. And praising the muy rico fajitas.
We are done and he packs up the area rug, some old curtains I found, and heads back home to town, promising to be back at 8am to clean up the paint spill in the shed in time for Mundo to do his thing with the generator.
I made Lora and mi chilaquilies with cottage cheese and we woofed them down.

And as soon as Gabriel the accountant left at 8pm, I was in bed. And Lora was beside me on her mattress that Jose had beaten the lumps out of before things got wild. What excitement will today bring? Generator maintenance, Jose and Gladys cleaning, Ultramar ride, Home Depot and the lawyer. It could only be a wild day!
I'll be on my own for the afternoon, no love struck helpers.
At least the rain day is over and the kids are back in school. And maybe Jose had an afternoon delight and is thinking clearly today for the morning clean up. Me, I have to go take the laundry down. I think it dried in the overnight winds!

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