September 13, 2008

Viva Mexico!

Get ready for a four day weekend! Hidalgo's cry for Independence came in the predawn hours of the 15th and Indpendence from Spain was won another year on the 16th.
Fireworks expected. I share with my Mexican friends 4th of July fireworks from my little pueblita in the US.
My trip to Cancun was with mixed results yesterday. Through no fault of my own, my Mexican ID has carried the wrong birthday for the last 4 years. I thought correcting it would be a simple matter. The CURP, however, is generated by different elements of your name, your father's and mother's last names and your birthdate.
So, rather than correct the folder with a note, they generate a new CURP. From which they generate a new taxpayer ID. So, now I have 2 new IDs. But wait...I have to take papers to Cancun's civil registry on Wednesday, if anyone is sober get a card to then take back to the Hacienda for the new taxpayer ID card. Only then can Mauricio go forward with inmigraccion!
Well, none of this took any time but, like clockwork, I forgot the cell phone on the charger at home, so there was no reaching Mauricio.
I proceeded as planned, to Costco. And I do have the ropes of fiber optic white lights to replace the ones that have hung for three years and finally died.
And after Costco, I can offically and comfortably survive ANYTHING! An 8 pack of tuna, 4 varieties, for 50 cents a can? How can you just say no? Stella Artois beer? A case! I only have 20 left from the first case. But all these holidays are coming up and it is a better beer than Noche Buena! Or maybe not. Huge beer drinker that I am not, I forget.
But the biggest news of all. I got great tenis. Sneaks. Running shoes for a non runner. Jazzin Reeboks for $36!
I also picked up a huge, I mean HUGE box of mesculin lettuce mix and pomegranite juice, for Miguel. Back on Isla Mujeres, Miguel sent Jose for onions and avacadoes and made salads, huge salads for us, since Luis the cook called in lazy. He got no salad when he stopped by for a looksee!

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Beck said...

Costco's so great! I need to make a run today to pick up some dog food. And what a deal on tuna! Hope you don't need your hurricane pantry!