September 19, 2008

This bad wheel made 3 trips to Cancun

Isla is generally hard on feet and this foot impressed Jose when I took my Reeboks off to clean the pool. The foot injury occurred after one of the early trips to Cancun in the last two weeks.
I figure the 5th metatarsal distally, the bone on the side of the foot, is broken. I had this once on the other side and Delfino is recovering from the same injury. He got his feeding strays in Puerto Juarez.
I got mine being woken up by kids at the front door trying to sell flan while in a deep siesta and stepping down on the side of the foot. The afternoon after I bought the Reeboks that have been my cast.
Today, with 40 pesos of fish and a half bottle of sauvignon blanc, I made pescado veracruzana. Got the fish next to the electric company after paying the bills, on the way to the paint store.
Hmmmm. And leftovers for fish taco breakfast. How I made it:
Sauteed the 4 fillets in 123 Oil, added sliced onions, peppers, green olives, capers, floated a tea bag in the boiling wine since I couldn't find a bay leaf, added three habaneros from the garden and a couple spigs of mint, since I had no bay leaf.
Jose appreciated the meal after working in the heat. He said it was a 500 peso platter!
And as I was putting food away, Delfino stopped by with doggie chews! OH GOODY, said Lora. We are set for Christmas!

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