September 14, 2008

Rest for the weary

Yep, I am sitting still today, again! Neck deep in water in my clean little Easy Set pool with the new filter.
Yesterday, Ricardo put up the permanent Christmas lights and we waited for delivery of cement, sand and gravel. At this point, I decided the pool would never be clean unless I got in with a srubbie. And there I sat for 3 hours.
Ricard meaured and cut the millar shade cloth and took it to the shoemaker to hem. He said he would be back today to put up posts and hang it. Actually, this is the privacy screen. The shade cloth needs one more pedestal from the cement that will also be used to build a better fence and close off one of Lora's clandestine exits.
I went into town at 7am to hit the ATM at the super and picked up a few things, including a whole chicken. Already the mic checks were starting for Monday night's big event.
I think today is the day to test the nylon oven bags for an adaptation of Beck's teriyaki chicken. After the market, I stopped at el Parque in La Gloria, looking for some Mexican tri color flags, clothes or other decorations. What I like about them is they are so nifty for our style of Christmas decoration. Alas, there weren't any yet, but surely the push carts will make the rounds today.',

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Beck said...

Hope the teriyaki chicken works in the oven Zina! I'll watch for the update! We were lucky to be able to just throw in massive chlorine to clean up our cement pond. Scrubbing is a lot of work. Don't work too hard!