September 12, 2008

Hurricane Preps...Listo!

Well, we are all on the same page now! Mundo came early, Jose on time and Gladys a half hour late. Lora participated, and we are now ready to run the generator should it be needed later this season. For a cold start, prime the carburetor with paint thinner!
Gladys mopped up dead bugs that keep showing up after last week's fumigation and checked linens for mildew. They were all out of here by 12:30, which got me on the 1:30pm ferry and a quick stop at Soriano's (yeah! They had shower mats!) before my 2:30 date with Ricardo at Home Depot, where I selected shade cloths and privacy screening for the rooftop veranda. At Home Depot, I also found a baby gate, all the better to keep Lora in her place, and six swimming pool filters. Ricardo graciously offered to bring it all to the house Saturday.
At check out, 4pm, my lawyer called to say he was coming home early. Yippee! I thought I would have 2 hours to kill!
Ricardo and the cabbie dropped me off and I signed papers for Mauricio. Strategy for later today: I will keep my 10 am appointment at the Hacienda to correct the birth date on my principle legal ID, CURP, and he will meet me near there or at Costco to take my passport and original FM3 to Inmigraccion by 1pm, or wait til Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday are legal Independence holidays.
Two phrases Jose mastered this week: "Like clockwork" and "No rest for the weary." Pretty fitting.
By 5pm, once back on Isla Mujeres, I stopped to update Miguel and the boys. We also decided that September 28 in the Year of the Dog should be declared a "Day of the Dog" party to celebrate Lora's one year anniversary with me at her doggie daddy's place!

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