August 19, 2011

Mommie's writer's block

Mommie's got writer's block and I have a new bed in the closet. I was in and out of my old bed, on the floor, all night. Now I think I'm used to something that doesn't have the faint smell of things I've rolled in. Mommie calls it olor putreficado. I call it cologne.
She was gone yesterday for four hours and came back with it. And the stupid stuffed puppy dog on the closet shelf. I don't know why she gets me stuffed sisters if I'm not allowed to pull out the stuffing, Which I did do first thing! Well, it had a tag that attracted my attention. Mommie is going to re-stuff her and I'll get to try again, to use her as my pillow. Imagine.
So, she was gone so long because the tax agency made her wait for nothing and she'll have to go back. She took her frustrations out on Costco, which is where she got the bed. And doggie chews. I'm happy. She also got nice food for her and to help make my food. And a new cell phone, a Nokia smartphone, which is where she says the stuffed sister came from. She was a freebie.
When she came home, she said she saw Pepe Vega, the vet, on the ferry. He's coming next week to take my blood again. He thinks I may have had erhlichia canis since I was a puppy, because I'm doing so well on the tetracycline and chicken livers, that I have some body weight now. Good that I have great legs, eh?
I overheard that when Sue Mallett came over in the evening to see the apartments She's going to help Mommie by being a rental agent, making sure I have nice people all the time. Sue and Miguel run Capi's Apartments and Miguel's Island Escapes and manage property. We manage ourselves but are not good at paper work, so mix ups could happen. And Mommie always wants to give price breaks, which isn't fair to anyone. including me. I have needs.
So Sue will take care of that. And she likes dogs, I can tell. Even though I could smell cats. And we all know how I feel about gatos!
Mommie asked me to write this because she hasn't blogged in a long time and she just got a note from Robert saying he loves it when I blog. She says that he and Katey will be back September 1. I love that. He treats me like I deserve to be treated: hugs on his laps.
Since I got sick, Mommie lets me on her own bed for like 5 minutes a night for hugs. Carmen says the Maya word is loch. Quiro loch? she asks when she comes in.
So, I have to go now. I'll talk to Mommie about writing something on her own. She's reading a book she likes a lot called The Help. She's had great people here who played with me. And it's hot. Oh, she has stories to tell. But it all falls on me!


texusrhed said...'s punta!

Glad to hear you two are truckin along...

KfromMichigan said...

Great story Punta! Maybe you and Loco can do a blog together!

kateyb said...

8 more days miss punta <3 hugs to your mommie for me!