September 2, 2011

Soy confundida!

Confused is the least of my problems. I am also in pain. Every time I take a pain pill, I get confused. So, since it's been a week since oral surgery and the dressing has been removed, you'd think it would be better. It's just like a fresh surgical wound!
Yesterday morning, I tried a banana and milk smoothie at La Bruja. It burned like hell. I felt little crystals of sugar entering the wounds. Did you put sugar in this? Well, yes, it's presumed, Roberto answered. I sent it back and asked for one with ONLY bananas, milk and ice, blended.
I'm sorry. I am someone who always orders water melon water without sugar. I presumed they knew me well enough. Still, stinging as I tried to eat it. But I ate a lot before commenting that it burned like sugar. Claro, hay azucar.
I'm sorry. What part of sugar hurts me after dental surgery did they not understand? This morning, I made mocha with stevia and ice and milk. No burn. Much better.
But now, without a cold beverage, it's time to take a pain pill and apply and ice bandage. Excused me. I'm confused. It's also time to take a Cipro. I'll wait on Robert and Katey to get back from scubaing with Enrique Avila before deciding how to proceed.
They did bring me an Android I bought on eBay. I am confused and cannot consistently call up the touch key pad. I guess a lie down is in order.
Carmen is washing out some clothes and wants to iron a couple blouses. Me, I'll just be still in my pain and confusion.

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