September 27, 2011

Rainbow diet

In her final years, my mother would say it's best to eat something of each color every day. Some green, yellow, orange, purple, red. That was before the breakthroughs on phytonutrients. And my friend Kathryn from Iowa thinks the same way.
So there we were, a couple days into no purple foods: no red cabbage, eggplant, red onions or even wine. We went to Vivian's Qubano for lunch and that solved everything.
We split a Vivivian's salad, which had beets, just a hint, shaved into it with a peeler. And we split at vegetarian sandwich, which had eggplant slices.
We immediately felt better! I had been drinking iced tea the past few days, so there were other phytonutrients I was getting-specifically catechins. Beta carotins were plentiful in spinach egg scrambles, salads with radishes and peppers. And athocyanins from our fruits. But purple! It made a difference.
We were quickly able to muster the energy to go shopping! Bought dresses, paint and a trash barrel. Eat purple!

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