September 13, 2011

Going back in time

I had three hours to kill between the dentist and the doctor, so I parked myself at Casa Rolandi and ordered a personal pizza - pepperoni and cheese - and iced tea and contemplated what the dentist had said.
Inexplicably, my organism had absorbed the equine bone implant in my jaw. We would have to do something again. Soon.
I dragged out the pizza for nearly three hours, reading from my Kindke. That is a welcome thing in low season: bodies attract bodies to restaurants. At one point, the waiters gave me a quarter because there's no use for them here. A tip to me.
I moved on to Don Chepo's Restaurant, for OJ, where I was joined by Samantha of Knoxville, Robby Lavia's girlfriend, also waiting for Dr. Salas. A great waiting room, we concluded.
The morning newspaper had featured Salas explaining the load of chronic illness cases ISSTE and other government clinics see. Illnesses caused by obesity.
Salas was running late and Samantha called. Another half hour. An hour after our time, he took Samantha, then me.
"I thought of your father," Salas said, "And I talked about World War II to my patients today."
My father was a Britsh Red Cross doctor in post-war Germany in the British Zone, tending to liberated POWs, refugees and former concentation camp internees.
He used to talk about how the chronically underfed would outlive most of us. And in the US, he would point to his waiting room and tell me, "80 percent of the people have no business here." They should take their colds home and quit eating and drinking so much. I shared that with Dr. Salas over the years.
"I felt like your father today." Salas said. Mexico is finding it costly to put people on lifetime cholesterol and diabetes control for acquired diabetes. "There was none during World War II," Salas said. "People had to make do."
So he was running late because he was making out the paper work for nutritionist referrals. "It will be better for the patients," he said. "Really, we don't know the liver toxicity from being on statins for 30 years to control cholesterol. But we do know we can make a great impact with diet. Type II diabetes, virtually curable with 15 kilos weight loss."
My diet is back to normal now. The violent bile vomiting caused by the anti inflammatories is over, tended to by myself and a coupe friends while Salas and the ISSTE doctors were working on the new treatment strategy.
"You did a remarkable job, did all the right things and stayed in touch with me while I was in Chetumal. I wish I had more patients like you," he said.
Dr. Salas, I wish more doctors were like YOU!


texusrhed said...

Oh zina, you have to have more oral surgery? Boo! Hopefully you can figure out what's going wrong. Hang in there!

IslaZina said...

We might have to harvest a piece of me!

drgeo said...

Now that you have absorbed the equine bone, may I be the first to ask "Why the long face?"

IslaZina said...