September 14, 2011

The Shit Show

A recent visitor at Zina's Guest House has a habit of using the phrase "The Shit Show." Where did he get that? "Think about it," he said. "We all have one."
Yep, obsessive-compulsive or the perfect opposite, we all go through our motions to get it on the road. Is the bed made? Where are the keys? Can I print a boarding pass now? Same show, different shit. It's the shit show.
Just like college in the '70s, getting one's shit together is our ongoing, life-long goal.
So. the lab results were published yesterday for the food poisoning case for 27 tourists at Playa Sol. E. coli was the culprit, general demerits for food handling. The rectums of the entire staff were swabbed by the health department. I imagine we are awaiting that shit show before the future of Playa Sol and its owner Sergio Contreras is decided.
For today, the shit show at the Municipal Palace has started. New head of health, some money in the coffers from the fines levied after state inspections done in the aftermath after the poisoning cases.
Sit back, ladies and germs. This is one helluva shit show!


kateyb said...

im not laughing at the e coli or whats going on with all of that... im laughing at the term "shit show" :) yeees, we all have starred in them.

im glad youre feeling better and writing again. i love to read your posts.

texusrhed said...

Aaawww put a huge smile on our faces with this. It's a very fitting philosophy that sums it all up. Looks like the island is buzzing today.