August 30, 2008

What's a girl to do?

I once offended someone after she published her dog making a piddle. I offered some snide humor that was taken as a prudish slam. Oh well.
Now where to take a piddle, or in our case pee and kaka, is a difficult question. My compound doesn't have a lawn and the streets aren't safe, witness her hip after she was hit by a Augakan red truck last December. She knows who it was. She howls when it is within 60 feet of the house. The vets report that little Cushman-like truck has hit over a dozen dogs.
So, Lora goes OUT and does it modestly as possible, but en publico. Hace pee pee is her command to get it overwith quickly. And she has one place near the gardenia tree that she does it all.
Jorge the gardener keeps an eye on it and picks up what I missed. And yesterday, because of thunder and rain, she was in and out of her spot quickly. Although while Jose was here, we let her out the side gate while pulling in the trash barrel. And she went across the street and made a mark for all those doggies who mark our corner!
She's not stupid. That is her alias - her sobre nombre. Estupida! But she's muy inteligente.

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