August 30, 2008

Red Hots, Hot damn! And damned hot Hot Shots!

Jose ran across baggies of red candies while cleaning the fridge, the favorite candy of my childhood. Red Hots, imported from Colorado and then two unopened bags in the freezer. With so many mysteries in the fridge, he had to ask, what are they?
Candy. Taste them. Well, naturally he like them.
Rojos calientes, for those who may not know, are heart shaped candy nuggets with a spicy cinnamon flavor. This led to an English lesson that included hot damn and of course, in our present environment, damned hot. And the adult beverage that mimics the candy, Hot Shots. We took the message to Miguel.
Miguel read the recipe and decided everyone in the house should taste and see what they thought. It is basically cinnamom schapps and tabasco.
Miguel thought it rather tasty, but a bit hot for his own delicate taste buds. Maybe adjust the recipe before the second shot?
His cook broke out into a sweat and washed his face off but had not recovered before posing for the camera. Maybe it's not a good idea for Christmas specialty drinks. You've got your mint fans, and a lot of minty beverages. But cinnamon? I vote yes! Hot damn! Red hot inspired Hot Shots! And by the way, it is still damned hot.

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