August 21, 2008

Dawn of a new day

It was hot yesterday when I set out to go to the Hacienda, Mexico's equivalent of the IRS. My time there took all of 25 minutes! And they were so nice.
What I needed was a clave so my accountant could make a proper electronic declaration for the months I have no rental income. Well, while I was at it, I had the woman take a look at my CURP, my unique personal ID number. It says my birthday is in January instead of June. Si, she said, it is an error.
She made an appointment for me to come back September 12 with my documents and have a new card issued. That all went to swimmingly and I was out so fast, I felt I had the strength to go to Bancomer and pay my trust fees.
I jumped around a couple desks til I found the right one, but the lady couldn't find record of my trust.'s been moved to the Hotel Zone branch. She called the man there and got my data and sent me to the cashier. The man in the hotel zone wanted a fax of the payment. Hey, this is a mutlinational bank. Don't you have computer screens? Anyway, I have to go back to pay into next year and the ATM only gives so much money a day.
So....I go back tomorrow. Then on to Costco, where I blew $200 on absolutely essential stuff. Well, stuff at a good value!
Among the stuff I got was a 4x4 matress for Lora, a dog bed if you will. Almost all polyester except for 10 percent cedar chips in the matting. I didn't know how she'd take to this, but I figured it would smell fresh for a long time. And it was just $200 pesos!
On the way back, I rode the ferry with Pepe Vega, the vet who performed Lora's hip surgery. We chatted a bit about the construction of his new house that he hopes will be ready in about a year and how he hopes that his girlfriend will agree to be his bride. sweet.
I took a cab from the ferry and paid the cabbie 30 pesos extra to bring my stuff into the house, which is what I gave the baggage handler at the ferry on Isla. 20 in Puerto Juarez. Anyway, Lora looked at the matt, sniffed it and laid right down. No instruction necessary. It is big enough to hold another Lora! LOL! That's a doggy double bed.
I woke up in the middle of the night and glanced over. She was on her back, legs splayed, with a front paw above her head.

If you had a new double PILLOW top, wouldn't you do the same thing?
Today, I have been steaming spinach I bought yesterday for freezing. We don't have frozen spinach here but I have so many recipes that call for it. It will be nice to take out the Reynolds vacuum freezer bag system Johanna got me and give it a go.
And Lora is waiting for Delfino's assistant Lorena to take care of her ears. So what else is new!


Nancy said...

I'm glad you found a new home. Looking forward to reading your blog.

rockadoodle said...

Welcome to your new home Z! :) Glad to find you still blogging about daily isla life. I so look forward to reading it. Hope to catch up with you while we are on Isla in March

Doodle ( aka rockadoodle)

Islaholic Trixie said...

Glad to see you found a new blogging spot. I like blogspot because I have control over when it gets deleted and how I want the page to look.
Lora is one lucky pup!! Sounds like she is the queen of her Casa! (so she thinks. LOL)