August 27, 2008


I was going to screw around today, but nature calls! Tropical Depression Gustavo will probably not cause much harm, but they train is about to take off, it looks like
Jose is coming over today. I washed the detergent tanks and will have him fill them with gasoline and maybe fire up the generator with the gas in it now. There are are many other manly things for a 21 year old guy with a good back to do and I have the immigraton lawyer appointment tomorrow.
Which places me at my scanner/copier and across the street at Federico's for more quick copying of additional stuff that Gabriel brought over last night and will bring today.
Then there's the taking of laundry in and the pool needs a mini shock since the filter has been off for two days. And the refri needs cleaned and the food recollected from yesterday's unplanned disbursal to the apartments in the wake of my fridge refusing to work until the frost free guts thawed out.
Ahhhh...the slowness of slow season...the big lie!
And of course, as promised again, we are waiting on Delfino to come by for Lora's ear treatment and some huesitos...Omega-3 enriched rawhide bones. Last time, he, he was with Kai, Dr. Greta's daughter, who wants to be a vet.
I am going to make a list instead of read tonight. It will be Lora's known vocabulary, which for a dog is pretty extensive and multi lingual. Last night, for example, as I lay reading before lights out, she wanted something. I asked, OUT? No reaction and usually she always wants out. WATER? And the tail wagged in anticipation. Yep, the water bowl, too big to throw around now, was dry.
Dumb animal? Dumb blonde? You can be the judge.

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Islaholic Trixie said...

Here's hoping the Gustav misses Isla!!