August 23, 2008

I could feed an army!

It was back to Cancun yesterday for Round 2 with Bancomer. I went up to the teller window, paid my trust, and walked over to Karina Carillo's desk to have the receipt faxed to the trust officer in the hotel zone branch.
By now, it is 10:20am. His fax machine is off. The whole trust office, three extensions for who knows how many people, is not picking up. Curious, she said. I said, it is breakfast time. She had a baby two months ago and she's not taking a breakfast, nor is anyone else in the Av Tulum branch.
Finally, she reaches a secretary, and per my urging greats her with "Felicidades!" What ones says at a party. Como? There is no party! Oh, they went for a bite to eat. This peon can't turn on the fax machine.
So, I say to Karina, it's an international bank. Can't he see my payment on the computer screen? No. Can you have your carrier take the photo copy of the receipt? What courier?
This is a multinational bank! South American based, but still!
This goes on for one hour and 40 minutes. Finally, he returns the message, turns on the fax machine, and I bolt for Chedraui. Gotta see what they have.
Well, they had smooth skinned avacadoes from Chiapas, a gourmet treat with edible skins that make they look like little eggplants.
They had DREAM WHIP! And I made it survive the route home. They had canned mandarin oranges and cranberry sauce for half the price a store brings it in for gringo consumption. They had brown rice! With the rice bran on it! Chard and ginger roots! Oh my oh my. Double packs of paper towels.
Well, I spent another 50 bucks! But, I had taken the bus to make up for my purchasing, I did take a 25 peso cab leaving the store, but my package weighed sufficiently little that I carried it myself until I got to Isla.
Came home and unpacked it with Gladys, who cleaned my house and the two units after being missing in action for the first week of school and restocking her kiosk. We had a talk and she won't do that again, she says. Not call or send a message.
Then I went to Miguel's because I needed to confirm Jose for cleaning mud off the roof from cumulative planters and Lora playing with plants. I need a man around here doing more manual labor. He said he'd be over at 9 am, and he was! And boy did he work.
While he did, I steamed and vacuum packed the chard for the freezer. It rests along side Thursday's spinach pack. By the Dream Whip for the holidays.
I made Jose break at noon and eat Polish sausage, romaine salad with a Chiapan avacado, and sauteed cabbage and onions, a Russian and yes, a Mexican dish. He had a Stella Artois. Yes, the Belgian beer now available at Costco.
Then, he went to the roof and finished up and asked if he could take the golf cart to get the two cannisters Miguel gifted me for generator gasoline storage. The golf cart was just washed and waxed early this morning after oxidizing for three months. And the tires were serviced. So it was a cool daddy machine! And Lora went along to see her doggie daddy, Miguel. Afterward, I took a long siesta. What's a girl to do the day after another Cancun trip and a morning of cooking? Oh, I have declared tomorrow a pool day at Spa Zina!

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