August 26, 2008

Let's be clear about this

My dog Lora seems to be the star of this blog. Until I learn the ins and outs of Picasa and my new external hard drive, she can remain so! And I have noticed the only commentaries I get on this new blog, so far, are when I post something about Lora.
I'll find ways to work her into the story!
Yesterday, Lucila and Erik dropped by. Luci cleaned for me until 10 months ago. She reported that Marcos has thyroid cancer and a leg problem (which Miguel told me about) and will be having surgery before other treatment in Merida. He just got home from a long stay in Merida for treatment of the leg circulatory problem and to rest up for more surgery.
Erik played ball with Lora and amazingly, she can catch in mid-air. The star of the show.
Gabriel the accountant came by with my returns, but who do you think was the star? He forgot my facturas for the immigration lawyer visit which I postponed until Thursday. But he played with her.
No,I didn't get up to Spa Zina while Gladys was cleaning earlier. The fridge shut down and we noticed it as Mary Ann walked in to borrow, or borrow money for, cheese. I had the cheddar I got a Costco, a huge block, so problem solved. No Mary Ann isn't broke. She spent all her enchilada grocery money in the neighborhood and didn't want to go to Centro for the ATM.
Lora loves to see her. She makes this special deal voice for her and it lifts her spirits! LOL!
So, Mary Ann and Gladys distributed the "food to feed and army" among the rental fridges and an hour later, I heard a clunk...had to be ice, inside the walls of the fridge. And then the motor of the frost free fridge can back on! I called Santiago to cancel the service call.
Now my food is scattered and the star of the show is hungry. She will have to wait! She already had a meal...
Even Luci said she was gorda. Y guapa. She has two dogs of her own now. One a cute baby pit bull...or so she says. Didn't believe me when I suggested it would grow up to be a killer.
And the kids next door came over to see if I had a dog cookie. No. Dog chews? No. Where do you get them? From the vet. He hasn't been here in a while and she is finishing her last chew.
How many dogs do you have now, I asked, since I had noticed a new one. Uhhh...cinco.
This, for all the people on message boards who wonder why, is the reason we have a dog population problem. That new black dog will be used to breed with Luke, the other black dog, and sold for holiday gifts that won't get fed. And kids will ask their neighbors if they have a cookie...for the dog.
Yes, my dog is a lucky dog. And she knows she is the star of the show.


Islaholic Trixie said...

Last winter when I took two of our Isla neighborhood dogs to Delphine, the vet, for shots. He told me straight out that the Mexican men refuse to have their male dogs neutered because they think it takes away from their "manhood." They have no problem spaying the females, if they can afford it.
We were going to originally adopt these two male dogs, but when the owner found out that we would most likely have them neutered in the US he gave them to someone in Cancun, after I had paid for all of their shots!!

IslaZina said...

And that the female dogs should experience heat at least once. Never me a dog here that did and didn't end up having and feeding them...