October 10, 2008

We've got poles!

As promised, Eriso was on the job early, wiring rebar to rebar...setting up the pipes that will turn into poles once the cement is poured.
The rebar from the pipes has to be firmly attached to the rebar that is in the frame of the garden bed. He promises to come earlier today to get the side length out out of the way. The job supervisor showed her pleasure! Yep, it's one of her smiles.
Jose drained the pool and washed it. Gladys took up Lora's bed and Jose used water from the swimming pool to wash it with some assist from a wet vac. Mostly it's air drying since the nearby laundromats don't have a drier big enough.
Doggie Dog is taking it in stride, napping on the bare floor. She took to the low fat, hi protein dog food well. But then, the meat used was venison. La vida del perro!


Islaholic Trixie said...

Lora looks like she is posing for the "Orbitz" gum commercial. I bet my Angel would love to play with Lora.
The pole fence will be awesome!!

IslaZina said...

Her "other smile" looks like she is playing Dracula. Somehow, I can't convince folks it's innocent.
Laura the Great used to smile. Both were taught by pinches to the top of the nose on the command. Soon, they do it on the command. Dracula smile only happens in the middle of play on the command. Maybe she needs to feel breathless!
BTW, Jose got notified by Miguel's Moonlife of his month pay-free vacation yesterday.

Beck said...

Are you bleaching her teeth Zina?!! :) Ha! What a white smile for a dog! Funny!

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure you're going to the effort of removing the PVC from around the cement .... better strength, less work, and, when painted, look great..

I saw what they did along the airport, and wondered the same thing..


IslaZina said...

Getting paint to adhere to PVC is quite a feat! We'll see what Eriso says, but his plan is to coat the inside with something that bonds to the cement in a way the tubes can be slid off.
Lora's teeth a white due with a constant supply of rawhide chews. When needing a flossing, she chews of a plastic pop bottle, crunching them down for recycling in the process. Strong jaw! Big bark. Safe home.