October 8, 2008

Construction pals

Two Rosas work the front desk at Constructarama, aka Marma. This Rosa waited on me last time, so this morning, we were old friends. Jose and I had gone to run an errand for Eriso, who was working the supplies gotten yesterday. He is making his own rebar frames and we were there to buy bars.
Frames have been built to hold the new level of the garden bed. The front of the property is getting new beds, but we are rehanging the picket fence there for another year because the wood is relatively new and in good shape.
The tubes between the golf cart and bags will be cut and filled first with bar that Eriso has bent on his sawhorse at home, to be inserted into tubes, then filled with cement. The "feet" will go into the wet cement planting bed foundation.
Jose and I also went to Boxito to get more lengths of drain tubes. Their delivery driver quit at the end of his shift yesterday, so I am waiting on Abraham, across the side street, to get home from work. He has a truck.
Then Eriso will cut those tubes to be filled in the Marma bar, and stick the feet into the wet-cement walls of the garden bed. When set, the plastic tubing is peeled back.
When we got back, Jose went to work transplanting and watering, and cleaning up. I also asked him to place two layers of newspaper over where he had weeded. In rainy season, the newspaper will stay wet and keep the light out. When the job is done, some top soil will be placed on top and the garden will be weed-free for months.
While Jose worked, I made drunken chicken from a 4 pound Bochocco chicken he picked up across the street for $6US.
He was amused because he never heard of drunken chicken. It calls for pan fried chicken, sliced onions, rosemary, potatoes, carrots, garlic and a beer or two. Our chicken got drunk on two.
When he was done in the garden, the chicken was done and he said we had enough food for five! Or more!
He took some home for him and Sandi, so they don't have to worry about what to eat tonight.

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