October 30, 2008

Take my hombre, please!

When learning Spanish, you've got to be careful! There are a lot of words that sound alike, are spelled only slightly differently, but have very different meanings.
It is a fact that was reinforced on my road trip. Mexican men are very macho caballeros. I, who need help going down Mexican high steps (why are steps poured one foot tall or more?) am forever being offered a hand by men. What they give me is a limp wrist or forearm that I can do without, thank you. It is worse than no help at all.
Traveling with a woman, it was different. Tome mi hombro. I don't want your hombre! Pero...oh, your shoulder! And she would step down ahead of me and I would use her shoulder as a crutch or cane. Very easy on both of us and very secure for me. If I were to fall, I'd know where I was going. And she was discrete enough so no one really realized it was taking her hombre. Oh, make that hombro. I don't want her hombre!

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