October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mio!

Today is the birthday of my friend since our school days. Emilio Vincent Anthony Castellucci is finally 54. His mom Nancy schemed to get him into school months after the month he would have been allowed to enter.

He has spent most of the week helping his dad Dominic clear the garden, readying for another fall and getting ready to make wine for the coming year. And at American Legion Post 375, which has a new commander, Mio has been in charge of two dinners. Yesterday's fish fry and tonight's steak fry. No rest for the weary.
In his honor, and that of Nancy, I planted some dandelion seeds in a planter. Nancy has never been able to get them to grow in Florida. As someone with some experience forcing bulbs and refrigerating seeds, my theory is that after three months in the fridge, these seeds will spout and I will have luscious bitter greens soon and will be able to make Italian wedding soup and jazz up salads. To each his own, right?

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