October 9, 2008


At the end of my long day, Lora had to be "seduced" before getting her pedicure. While Delfino exchanged smooth talk with his wife on the cell phone, he stroked Lora into submission.
Earlier, while she cowered in the bedroom, he also spent the 15 minutes going over the dog food recipe I am to cook for her energy and to drop her spare tires. Once she tires of it and starts refusing, he will give her a hunger inducing vitamin injection, painful. Keep her focused on her bowl and that diet stew. More cooking in rainy season. I love it!
But almost six years to the day since my brother warned, I might in fact myself be eating dog food in Mexico. The recipe doesn't look that bad, Stan.
To buy it ala BilJac here would be incredibly expensive, he said, she is not really that fat! But the dog food has to be so good she won't eat off the street and she can only go out with a muzzle now. No robbing the pizza shop trash. Sauteed meat, grain, carrots, cottage cheese. Maybe a little Benifiber. Geezus. It's worldwid - the use of cottage cheese and fiber in weight loss programs! Delfino, you know we have to go to Cancun for cottage cheese.
We talked a bit about economics, when I said I thought the next couple years would be hell. He said as an atheist, he didn't believe it. Well, hell on earth then.
About an hour before that, Eriso came by for 200 pesos to buy the final wiring and nails to finish the trapeze to pour and install side fence. He also sweet talked Lora out of trying to pounce on a kitten. Earlier, he sent for 20 pesos for a new hacksaw blade. He made 39 rebar canes to put in nicely cut PVC tubes and will be ready to roll in the morning.
Eriso had earlier asked that Jose go and get more bars delivered right to the sawhores in his back yard and a particular glue to coat the interior of the tubes with, a glue that in fact will make removing the tubes easier once the cement is poured. Lora Doggie Dog went with him, but was still refusing excercize.
He said he'd be here first thing in the morning for the final ready set to pour tasks. To me, it's exciting. Kind of like the set up of a fireworks show.
Jose also worked while keeping an ear on the first worldwide reaction to the finaciera crisis and learning more English. He learned about the Great Depression and terms he might here in the coming months and transplanted more plants and broke up cement planters that were crumbling.
I made Oriental chicken and mandarin salad. Although he said he wasn't hungry, had to run, he heaped up several tortillas and said, no, he wouldn't take it home for Sandi. Too good. Save it for breakfast!
He'll be here to drain the pool. Next week, I anticipate contstruction of a shade cloth gazebo canapy for it. Underneath the above ground pool it is when ready again, a 3 square meter blue nylon tarp we bought from street vendors at less half than asking price. Nice grommets.
We stepped away from the vendors, decided what we would pay and he walked out with 200 peso and I with 30, instead of the 50 we were prepared to add into the final offer. They took it.
And this footnote. Lora wet her mattress during the pedicure, despite being told now pretty her toes were in 4 languages. I think a nail quick was nicked. If it's not one thing, it's another. Siempre ago.

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