October 19, 2008

Almost a miracle!

When Jose ran to Marma late in the morning for $70 more of cement, sand and gravel, we wondered if we'd see it later in the day since Saturday is a half day. It was at the house within an hour, casi milagro - almost a miracle.
With Lora's supervision, Debora helped - whether Eriso needed another bucket of cement or a trowel.
Debora also cleaned up outside the posts so it would be easier to slide the tube molds off. And Eriso and I got to talking and what they heck, go for it. He'll used cement posts for the front now too, rather than wait for the wood to rot in a year. We have neighbors who have asked for it.
Lora's girlish figure after 2 weeks of high protein, high fiber food. She's almost never hungry now either. But she's still a long way away from becoming a spokesdog for healthy living. With her muzzle on, she came home after her first out of the day with a box of cream gangling from a tooth behind her muzzle.
No more free, unsupervised outs! Word on the street is that the municipality is rounding up what they consider street dogs. Oh no, callejera! So I broke out a 25 foot lead I got in the states yesterday and latched it to a thingamajig intended to lock the bicycle to, which by the way, Jose serviced yesterday. Lora will still be able to supervise at a distance.
For lunch, I made a mixed greens salad with Swiss cheese and Catalina style French dressing. Jose kicked it up a few notches for himself with red habanero salsa.
The big question of the day - Will fishermen go out this morning and report back to Eriso for fish fries, or will Eriso detail the side fence?

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