October 30, 2008

Construction Zone, Phase II

It feels like a rut! The side is done, painted and everything. Unfortunately, my camera is very broken and I haven't figured out the spare yet. I am technically challenged! So no pictures for now of the dark green and orange fence.
But life amongst the rubble has entered a new phase. Aguakan has replaced the water meter in the front, elevating it about 10 inches and Eriso spent yesterday bending rebar into canes and cutting the tubes for the posts. His wife ran over to ask for money for a new hacksawblade , so you know he's been working hard.
Losses in the project: The gardenia tree - its roots had dug into Pizza Mia's foundation. And the chaya bush, which had gotten tall and unsteady.
Chaya is a wonderful thing to own. Its leaves are very green and are great in scrambled eggs or a blended drink. It is high in calcium and an enzyme to help uptake more calcium. It has a lot of phosphorus and the green with the highest amount of protein known to man.
Periodically, neighbors would drop by and ask to pick leaves. The bush was God's gift, starting from a cutting after Hurricane Wilma took the cedar and planted in it's place. Folks always offered to pay for the leaves, but I always said you can't pay for God's gifts. When the Super gets them in, the cost is 4o pesos a kilo.
Before the front phase started, I took three cuttings and placed them in water. On Tuesday, after leaves were harvested for me, Eriso and a couple neighbors, folks passed by and picked it clean as the cadaver lay on the sidewalk
Yesterday, two women came by and harvested a lot of cuttings. Chaya grows well without much soil and flourishes in the hot, wet and dry elements of the island. I suspect the cuttings will produce a lucrative bounty for Maya merchants and households throughout my nearby neighborhoods. Almost on cue, the city came by and picked up the skeletal remains.
Jose went about looking for a full time job yesterday. He learned on Saturday that Miguel cannot take him back from his furlough. And since his efforts for me slowed down considerably, and since he was becoming emotionally dependent on me, his mamita also had to kick the little duckling out of the nest. Come back when I am your supplemental income, not your sole source.
He did stop by yesterday seeking some advice. I had made meatballs and lima beans in Boston baked bean style (yes, Isla has brown sugar now!) and he, of course, loved it. And he was off to Villa Vera, in hopes of being hired. Me hopes so too.

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