October 23, 2008

A really wet day, but some worked!

When I left the house this morning, Eriso and Jose were sanding the new side fence, even in the rain. As it turns out, the plastic tubing stays, but needs a rough surface to hold the correct paint.
My credit card was declined and I burned cell minutes with Chase security, only to lose the line. I tried Skyping from an internet cafe, but that didn't work. And then, I Lora and I got caught in a downpour that also sidelined Eriso and Jose.
When I came back, there was nothing to do but call Credit Card Services for Friday and then make junk food! Some coleslaw, new to both men, and a bagel spread of anchovies and cream cheese. Jose had never tasted anchovies, but liked them a lot. "Good junk!" he said. I told him overserved tourists might say "good shit."
We also had 4 kinds of chips with salsa. Jose is a good boy when it comes to getting junk food fixin's in the rain
Once the rain lightened, Eriso started cutting the bougainvillea WAY back to make room for the front fence. He also cleared the assorted plants that would be in the way. Jose and I had already taken cuttings from the chaya bush, so tomorrow or later, Eriso can remove that too.
It will be quite a different look when done. The posts will be dark green and orange, setting off the cantelope and minty walls of the house.Before he came to work, Eriso had taken in the news. "Japan market took a dive, " he announced when I opened the door. Sorry to say, I already knew! We didn't know yet that efforts to bolster the peso by selling off a billion dollar from the central bank didn't pay off. Where are we headed?

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Nancy said...

"Good junk!" That's so funny. Nice picture of you in your cocina.