October 16, 2008

A day without rains!

Lora's misbehavior - she's not allowed on the bed - seems to scream "Make the rain go away!" It has, for 27 hours now. But more is on the way due to Category 1 activity in the Caribbean.
I had "preadmission" testing in Cancun yesterday, but missed the 8am ferry. It was under Dr Salas's order for Cancun gastroenterolgist who will do the endoscopy with biopsy. Dr Salas arranged the testing for Dr Perganos.

Being late is never a problem in Mexico and Betty was ready to draw blood!
She was good! I'm a tough draw and warned her she should be a "vampirita." Betty took it from the crook of my elbow with a huge syringe that she then used to fill the vacutainers.
From there, it was on to the radiology center, where Ulysis the tech immediately said, "Did you have surgery? Because you have no gall bladder."
A four hour wait for the reading had me hopping a cab to WalMart, where I found things seldom seen here, including brown rice to replace the one with ants, and canned baby salad shrimp. Got another t-shirt in their Clearance Store and BAGELS!
Lora got antibacterial wipes for her ears! Hah!
And then a delightful cabbie took me back to the radiology center an hour early, prepared to wait a hour. Instead, he took the opportunity to get next door to pay his health insurance and the radiologist was ahead of schedule.
I also checked the prices on new juicers and called Ricardo. I think he can fix the one I have and save me $75US. While he is at it, he's fixing a small box fan brought back from the US two years ago.
And this morning, as we were coming back from being OUT, Lora and I found Jose back and ready to work. And he was along side Eriso, who was curling rebar into canes for the fence yesterday.
Just now, Adrian showed up to work on the PC and Lora, the former street walker, is in true heaven. Four men in the house and only one other bitch around!



Sue said...

So - what happened to your gallbladder? I hope you will get good news and be able to put this worry behind you. And yes - the sun is out! and looks like it will stay out for a while. Do I dare do a load of laundry?

IslaZina said...

My gall bladder was removed 8 years ago in minimally invasive surgery. If you were to study my belly button very carefully, you'd find the scar. Ah, but the stone forming process continues!
I am glad the ultrasound came back with good density and texture for the pancreas and liver, and that the bile duct has not shriveled up!

Beck said...

Zina, hope you get good news! Medical worries are no fun. I'm laughing at Lora on the bed. Saby loves to sleep on the bed while we're gone. Unfortunately, dog dander makes me itch, so I try to remember to keep the door to our bedroom closed. But I can immediately tell if she's been up there on my pillow (and I usually have to switch beds for the night). Scratch scratch scratch!