October 20, 2008


Lora started wearing a muzzle on her OUTS a couple weeks ago.Given that he is a recovering street dog, I do the best I can. I guess 80 percent of the time, she doesn't go out alone.
But I decided it was about the time of year the municipality might be putting poison down again and in that case, even walking her on leash is no preventative. A muzzle keeps her from digging at stuff while on leash.
Over the weekend, we got word that the city was rounding up dogs and holding them for three days until claimed. And then, electrocuting them. Poison is probably still an option again for these people.
She is also wearing it for patio outings, because last year they even threw poisoned meat into patios. Also, she did chew up my address book and leave it to soak in the rain recently. Enough reason for the muzzle within the compound.
My brother suggested using the muzzle as a prophy-punitive device for eating the address book was cruel. He didn't realize there was more to the story, but I also guess your thinking changes when you live here, too.
Today, I will line it with more neoprene for a tighter fit. She brought back a box of creme media yesterday morning from the pizza shop next door. The muzzle is loose enough that she got it, dangling from a tooth.
She doesn't seem mind it. It's part of going out now to her and she sits still for it and doesn't want it off first thing in the door. But it is shortening her stays out in public. I think she is embarrassed to play with the street dogs now. And maybe feels defenseless.
But she is clearly an owned dog!

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Jamqueen said...

Our dog, Rafe wore a muzzle for a year after he decided he liked to eat rocks. As a puppy, his intestine wasn't fully developed & so the rocks blocked it. He had surgery twice in 6 weeks--then he started wearing a muzzle! Luckily he outgrew it or his intestine grew enough to accomodate the rocks!