October 7, 2008

Up and at 'em...

Just a short note to say, I'm up and at 'em! Eriso and I are going to Constuctarama, aka Marma, when it opens at 7am. He needs to get the poly-vinyl pipes and bars he will use as the "frames" to make the fence I decided on and additonal kind of cement to pour into them.
We decided that, rather than go to Cancun for poured pattern blocks.
Yesterday, his wife Debora stopped by to see how it was going. He got the fence down and the first distance of rebar in. During that time, I leaned in and gave the garden a good weeding.
I asked him to get rid of the yucca variety that had entwined with the chaya and as he was looking around for what to do with it, Debora appeared. They have a deep soil garden and she is saving that plant.
I made crock pot chicken terriyaki and gave him fresh pineapple, which was in a perfect state. Muy beuno, he said. He asked for water instead of soft drinks and I plied him with the glasses laced with a third of a squeezed lime. He was fooled and thought I had added sugar.
Muy saludable, he said. He went home for lunch, and a typical Monday lunch on the island is pork and beans. Debora made fish.
A health brigade worker came by and checked the property and structures for mosquito breeding sites. Dengue fever is a big concern and they have been on it like clockwork this year, even though we seem to have had more cases.
Lora was dying for some of my chicken terriyaki and denied even a taste. I decided she needed a consultation with Delfino for weight loss since she has started to refuse runs with Jose and me.
She is heavy and may have arthritis and even diabetes. I just don't know. She also needs a tick shot. Ticks are lighting on her again and I have picked two out of her skin.
So we have an 11am appointment with Delfino in the office. Out doggie dog, we are going out!
As I finish this up, the mosquito truck is spraying. It's bug season on Isla!


Islaholic Trixie said...

Have you tried "Frontline" on Lora yet? This is what we use on our Angel, who runs through the woods on a daily basis. The ticks may fall on her, but never attach.

IslaZina said...

I double dosed her with Frontline just a week ago. She looks greasy! I had also been using Heart Guard. We have very persistent ticks on Isla. Sort of like the ants! Iverimex seems to work for about two months.It is an injetible and if they bite, they die!

Sue said...

I have a dog shampoo that has tea tree oil in it, and I think that has really helped with the tick control on Loco (he is severely allergic to the drops, and I don't dare try the injection). And Negra was just diagnosed with heartworm, so her 'other' family is starting the treatments for her. I'm glad they're spraying again - after all that rain, the mosquitoes have been horrible at dusk.